Aquaslash Trailer: A Waterslide Turns Into A Deadly Weapon

Red Hound Films is bringing a bloody splash of good fun this summer with the latest horror movie, Aquaslash.

Bloody Disgusting revealed the exclusive trailer earlier today, which welcomes us to The Wet Valley Water high-school students who spend a weekend coming together to celebrate their graduation. With their hormones sent through the roof, they unleash their libido. And things grow gruesome when it turns out that a mysterious maniac has inserted giant razor blades into the water slides. The Wet Valley water park thus becomes the backdrop for a bloodbath, and everyone is a suspect…

Check out the trailer for Aquaslash below:

Aquaslash is Renaud Gauthier’s follow-up to his 2013 debut Discopath, another bloody-as-hell horror movie that feels entirely inspired by grindhouse cinema of yesteryear. The Quebec writer-director has been adding his name to the Canuxploitation sub-genre and finds inspiration in whodunit-style murder mysteries when it comes to crafting a killer premise.

Aquaslash promises extreme gore, quite literally brought to you by the Blood Brothers, a sibling team that previously worked on Turbo Kid and Les Affames, among others. This is all juxtaposed with ’80s rock songs (Corey Hart, Honeymoon Suite, etc.), giving us something low-brow, original, and a total throwback blast. Judging by the exclusive trailer, these things look to be delivered in spades, and even with the budgetary constraints left, right, and center, Aquaslash has made enough of an impression at genre film festivals around the world to warrant a viewing from the comfort of your own home. Or! Maybe get out (safely) and check this one out at a Drive-In near you. Now, more than ever, the Drive-In experience has become like new again and Aquaslash couldn’t be better suited for that exploitation experience that was so prevalent across Drive-Ins for decades.

Aquaslash stars Ryan Ali, Lanisa Dawn, Brittany Drisdelle, Nicolas Fontaine, Cameron Geller, and Paul Zinno.

Check out the poster for the film as well:


Aquaslash splashes onto VOD June 23, 2020.

Source: Red Hound Films

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