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Machete Kills: Starring ‘President Charlie Sheen’

So it’d seem that Charlie Sheen has temporarily gained enough wherewithal to admit he was pretty goddamn insane all of last year, and along with landing a new gig as the lead in FX’s Anger Management, has also gotten a role in Robert Rodriguez’s sequel to Machete.

And what a great president he’d be!

The basic outline of the plot for the sequel is pretty out there. It involves Machete being hired out by the US to find a bad arms dealer guy who plans to launch a weapon into space. Because Robert Rodriguez is an insane person, he’s decided to throw space weapons in a movie about a guy who uses knives as his primary weapon of choice. I know, I know, machetes aren’t knives, but bear with me.

So while the original Machete was over the top example of faux-grindhouse, this looks to up the ante in ways that’ll make the original probably seem downright subtle. In those terms, I think Charlie Sheen is a great casting choice. Who else but Charlie Sheen would give a presidential decree to hire out an insane knife wielding ex-cop Mexican for international arms espionage? Combine that with the returning cast of Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez, (Not a Lohan in sight, thank christ), and I think you’ve got the potential for a pretty great sequel here.

Now as long as Rodriguez is making real movies out of fake trailers, let’s get Werewolf Women Of The SS made already huh? Nicolas Cage as Fu-Manchu? BOX OFFICE DYNAMITE!

 [Pics from Jessica Alba’s Twitter via Collider via Film Drunk. Boom.]


Hero Express: Marvel Sequels, Sin City 2 (Finally), and Ron F#$%ing Swanson!

Welcome back to the Hero Express, your one-stop sometimes SPOILER filled shop through the top five stories in comic based Film & TV news!

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In the Blood: Gina Carano to star in ‘Miss-Taken’. Get It? No? Whatever.

First, I have not seen Haywire, so I do not know how good Gina Carano translates to the big screen, but people seem to like her. Secondly, I think it’s ridiculous, but someone ordered an action script from the writers of Dumb & Dumber. Third off, John Stockwell, the director of this movie, just loves tropical vacation environments. Put these three together, and you have the next action movie starring the next big thing Gina Carano – likely in a bikini.

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Sin City 2 Moving Forward… With Oscar Talent to Help!

Funny how just the other day me and Doc Kronner were wondering just what in the hell was going on with Sin City 2. It’s been about six years since the last movie, and like the many legions of fans, I hunger for more. It now appears that things are getting rolling with Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez tapping into an Oscar caliber screenwriter in the form of The Departed scribe William Monahan. Check out a snippet from IGN below:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Monahan’s work will be “supplementing a draft completed recently by [Sin City creator Frank Miller.” Miller also co-directed the original 2005 film.

This isn’t Monahan’s only recent comic book movie script doctor gig. In addition to Sin City 2, Monahan is also revising Horizons, the Universal/Tom Cruise sci-fi pic based on the upcoming graphic novel Oblivion.

Hooooo boy! This plus Rodriguez stating that he hoped to start shooting by year’s end is very promising indeed. The sequel will most likely follow book 2 of Sin City ‘A Dame to Kill For’, which stars Dwight McCarthy (Played by Clive Owen) in an earlier tale of guns and broads. I’m ready, so bring it on!

Oh, and more Alba please!