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Megafoot: New Movie to Feature Cyborg Bigfoot?

Let’s not beat around the bush here: people like their cyborg movies. With the new Robocop on the way and movies like Manborg catching audience’s attention, it seems that director Rolfe Kanefsky wanted in on this action as well. His response is the film Megafoot where a cyborg Bigfoot goes toe to toe with your standard garden variety Bigfoot. Now the timing for this film is perfect. Since Sharknado and Wolf Cop, people have been more and more intrigued by movies that wear their love of the trashy movie genre on their sleeves and don’t try to be anything other than some good old B movie fun. Though little information is known about the movie at this time, it seems from the artwork already published online that this film fits into that category. Below is some concept art taken from the Megafoot Facebook page  showing a potentially awesome scene from the movie.

megafoot movie concept art

I don’t know much about director Rolfe, but boy does he have an impressive resume in the low budget horror field. Just a brief look on his IMDB page reveals his involvement in some cheesy classics like There’s Nothing Out There (1991), The Killer Eye (1999)  and The Hazing (2004)

Rolfe had this to say about the release of his poster which you can see below.

“Thought I’d share the poster for hopefully my return to the horror genre. A new script that I wrote and, if all goes well, will be directing in the Spring. Let me introduce you to my creature feature, Megafoot! What do you think?”

megafoot movie poster

Now we all know looks can be deceiving and whether we actually see this monster look as awesome as he does on screen as he does in the poster is something we will have to wait for. Rolfe certainly seems like the guy to pull it off, so fingers crossed we might have a cult classic on our hands. Keep checking here at Grizzly Bomb for more updates as they arrive as this could give Bigfoot the biggest entertainment resurgence since Harry and the Hendersons!