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You’re Next – Multiple Posters Accompanied with Creepy Messages

You’re Next is the newest film from Adam Wingard. Another home invasion horror, but early word from those that have seen it, You’re Next is a fantastic example of what the genre can be. The logline is pretty straightforward…

[box_light]When the Davison family comes under attack during their wedding anniversary getaway, the gang of mysterious killers soon learns that one of victims harbors a secret talent for fighting back.[/box_light]

While I am not a fan of horror films, I am a huge fan of unusual marketing. The latest You’re Next posters fall into that category in fine fashion. The powers that be of the film sent out a series of posters to various sites, each with a message that frankly would creep me out, movie or not. It doesn’t appear that all have been released, but hopefully those holdouts will check their emails soon and complete the series. Maybe they’ll send us one…

You’ve been chosen.
The Animals are on the hunt.
And … #YoureNext

Y – Not Discovered

O – Bloody Disgusting

You're Next Poster O

U – Cinema Blend

You're Next poster U

R – Collider

You're Next Poster R

E – Dread Central

You're Next Poster E

N – Not Discovered

E- Not Discovered

X – Screen Crush

You're Next Poster X

T – Shock Till You Drop

You're Next Poster T

You’re Next opens in theaters next weekend and while there is no way on Earth I’ll be going to see it, I’m sure someone from Grizzly Bomb will, so stay tuned for our You’re Next review!