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Countdown to Halloween: A History of Modern Horror

Written by: Bobby Panzarella

Almost anyone you ask will tell you that horror’s Golden Era resides firmly within the ’80s (though the ’90s certainly held their own). How could it not be the ’80s? It was the decade of slasher villains, practical effects, and kickass synthesizer soundtracks. Not to mention just sheer greatness in numbers; we’re lucky to get one good horror movie a year nowadays! But one of the last gems of that era, Scream, has proven to be both a deafening end to the heyday of horror, and the beginning of something new.

Though it so effortlessly brought together and celebrated all the essential trademarks of the films before it, it effectively labeled the entire genre as silly and clichéd, not unlike what the Austin Powers films did for the James Bond series. Post Scream and its subsequent imitators (I Know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legend, etc.), the state of horror has been hard to nail down. I’ve broken things down to a few major categories to give you a better grasp on what horror means to the millennial generation.

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Sharni Vinson Tapped For Female Expendables Flick! Also I Love Her.

Sharni Vinson, the star of the recently released horror flick You’re Next, has lined up her next gig and I couldn’t help but stand up and applaud. Off her awesome badass turn as survivalist Erin, according to TotalFilm and HitFlix, she has earned her way to teaming with some of the other female badasses of the world onto the female Expendables movie. Again, after seeing her wield knives, blenders and keeping her wits about her in You’re Next, Sharni Vinson definitely deserves to be in this movie.

sharni vinson you're next 2

The flick also stars Gina Carano and Katee Sackhoff so there’s a lot of badass estrogen inhabiting the flick as we speak. Granted, it has yet to have an official name but if it means they get to trade-off the Expendables name a bit longer, whatever it takes to work to get the word out. This project has been bandied about for the last few months and is starting to gather steam. Granted, the pool of female action/sci-fi/horror stars is smaller than the men’s (especially considering the 80s is where most of the Expendables reigned over) but there’s still potential.

As for who else they could add, I’m surprised that Michelle Rodriguez hasn’t joined the flick considering her run of movies. Heck, if we’re spitballing, why not Maggie Q or even get Sigourney Weaver because let’s face it, she was the Queen Badass as Ripley. You can also try Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anna Torv, Franka Potente (go see Run Lola Run), Milla Jovovich, Linda Hamilton, Lena Headey…I’m sure there are more but you get the idea. I think you can do some fun casting with this, just like the Expendables. Regardless, I’m about to totally destroy the message of girl power because I’m posting a picture of Sharni Vinson in a bikini. I don’t do this intentionally but I’m not going to lie, she looks just as incredible in that bikini, just like she looks as incredible wielding an axe in the lead picture being a totally badass.

sharni vinson bikini

You’re Next – Multiple Posters Accompanied with Creepy Messages

You’re Next is the newest film from Adam Wingard. Another home invasion horror, but early word from those that have seen it, You’re Next is a fantastic example of what the genre can be. The logline is pretty straightforward…

[box_light]When the Davison family comes under attack during their wedding anniversary getaway, the gang of mysterious killers soon learns that one of victims harbors a secret talent for fighting back.[/box_light]

While I am not a fan of horror films, I am a huge fan of unusual marketing. The latest You’re Next posters fall into that category in fine fashion. The powers that be of the film sent out a series of posters to various sites, each with a message that frankly would creep me out, movie or not. It doesn’t appear that all have been released, but hopefully those holdouts will check their emails soon and complete the series. Maybe they’ll send us one…

You’ve been chosen.
The Animals are on the hunt.
And … #YoureNext

Y – Not Discovered

O – Bloody Disgusting

You're Next Poster O

U – Cinema Blend

You're Next poster U

R – Collider

You're Next Poster R

E – Dread Central

You're Next Poster E

N – Not Discovered

E- Not Discovered

X – Screen Crush

You're Next Poster X

T – Shock Till You Drop

You're Next Poster T

You’re Next opens in theaters next weekend and while there is no way on Earth I’ll be going to see it, I’m sure someone from Grizzly Bomb will, so stay tuned for our You’re Next review!

You’re Next Trailer Brings Back Old School Scares

Dread Central showcased the latest film trailer by promising upcoming director Adam Wingard (V/H/S Tape 56 segment). Called You’re Next it is a home invasion movie that was originally finished in 2011 and has now been acquired by Lionsgate (a studio well-known for its interesting horror output). Starring the likes of Wendy Glenn (666: The Prophecy), AJ Bowen (Hatchet 2), Joe Swanberg (V/H/S), Ti West (The House of the Devil) and Sharni Vinson (Bait), it is a home survival/slasher movie which focuses on the Davidsons coming together for a family reunion in a secluded vacation house, only to be set on by a gang of masked killers armed with axes and cross bows. Here is the recently released You’re Next trailer.

From looking at this trailer I have mixed thoughts on its originality. Home invasion movies are a staple of the urban horror movie and there are numerous nods to these other movies in this film. The masked killers invading a quiet family house parallels that of The Strangers (2008), while the generally gritty tone and helplessness felt by the protagonists and the viewers watching them feels a lot like Them (2006). In some instances with the booby traps and axe attacks it felt like a Friday the 13th movie. It could even go the way of The Zero Boys where the group turn on their attackers in the most extreme way. The stances of the killers in the below photo certainly suggests a Zero Boys influence.

However after saying all this it certainly does grab your attention, it has an ‘on the edge of your seat’ quality which certainly made me watch until the end. The group of people at this party seem quite likable which is an important factor in these style of movies, and the cast involved in this are some great up and coming players in the horror genre. Much like Ti West’s own House of the Devil or the new Lords of Salem movie by Rob Zombie, it has grittiness to it, which seems to be all the rage in recent horror movies. The nice mix of quick kills and slow, methodical stalking kills came across really well in the trailer and the use of “Perfect Day” song as the trailers score helps to heighten that tense mood even more. Something is defiantly not right here and it is not going to end well. Though Adam’s section on V/H/S was only average, it did have a great style to it, and some sequences were incredibly freaky. Here is hoping that same feeling of unease comes across in this movie, and if the trailer is anything to go by it is well on its way to scaring the pants off everyone.

You’re Next comes out on August 23rd. While you wait here are some promotional posters for the movie that showcases the psychotic murdering trio.

You're Next, Adam Wingard, V/H/S
Poster supplied by dreadcentral.com
You're Next, Adam Wingard, V/H/S
Poster supplied by dreadcentral.com
You're Next, Adam Wingard, V/H/S
Poster supplied by dreadcentral.com