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Comic Con 2011: The Walking Dead Interview with Creator Robert Kirkman!

The Walking Dead season two trailer was revealed at Conic Con yesterday, and is now online! This trailer shows SO MANY different things that I had to watch it twice. So we’ve got it for you, but first here’s some words from Creator Robert Kirkman who did an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

This is how it went:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So what can fans expect at your panel?

ROBERT KIRKMAN: We’re bringing out more actors this year. I’m hoping to get some awkward questions from the audience that I can’t answer too well. And I’ll be wearing a different shirt. Last year my favorite was: “Why aren’t you filming the show in Los Angeles?”

I love the Georgia setting. When you watch Justified — it’s a great show, but it looks like Santa Clarita.

And one of the best things about this season is we’re getting out of Atlanta. It’s very rural. You’re going to see a lot more woods. One of the main set pieces is this farmhouse. It’s going to be pretty awesome, like an Andrew Wyeth painting — with zombies.

In the clip that was released, Rick Grimes is using a rock to kill zombies. Are they running low on ammo?

We’re going to see them run short on pretty much everything this season. It’s going to be a desperate season for our cast. Ammo, food and supplies are going to be scarce, which of course makes it much more fun.

Does the high ratings set by the first season, with only six episodes, put you under pressure for the longer second season?

If we were just coming back for six episodes, it might be more pressure. But we’re confident if you liked the first season, you’re going to really like the second season. It’s everything you liked about the first season, but more of it.

Does the second season follow the comic book more or less than the first?

It’s about as close as the first season, which in my opinion is very faithful to the comic book. The first season took a huge departure in the last episodes. The overall story line is very much taken from the second collection. But there’s also going to be things in there that come out of left field that will leave you completely shocked.

Anything more you can tell us?

We’ve got a tremendous amount of tension between Rick and Shane, with them butting heads. We’ve got Maggie Greene introduced, who’s a potential love interest for Glenn. We’ll possibly be seeing some romance. I think romance and zombies go well together.

AMC’s The Walking Dead: Season 2 Preview

First is a clip from back in March in which we see an interview with Gale Ann Hurd, producer on The Walking Dead. She explains how the first month that the cast is in town, they go over characterizing and talk with the writers about their take on the show. I love that they do this. She said that before they ever write, this is their process. She also describes season 2 as the “road season” – meaning that you don’t know where they are going to end up, or what they will run into. (Something that I did not know: Gale also worked on the Terminator and Aliens movies.)

Next, AMC did a “looking ahead” piece after the end of season one. The co-producer Denise Huth said in this that she spoke to the creator of the Walking Dead comics – Robert Kirkman – and asked him if he had any thoughts about the way it would all end. He responded by saying that it will never end. Again… extraordinarily exciting.

The Walking Dead will premiere this Fall on AMC.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend – Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead Season One Recap

The comic-turned-TV show The Walking Dead season one premiered on AMC, Halloween night 2010. The six-episode first season ended December 5th. I however, just recently got hip to this show, and watched all of the episodes. It is difficult to find a word to describe my excitement… so I will make one up. I am STUPENXCITED for the next season!

The Walking Dead Season OneThe Walking Dead is set in Georgia, but the group begins making their way across the U.S. in hopes of finding other survivors or a safe place away from the “walkers” (the undead). The main character is Rick Grimes (I call him “Grimey”). He is a cop who was left in a hospital and hooked up to life support when the undead attacked. He awakens find few survivors, but they search for their family and friends together.

For so many reasons that you MUST see for yourself, this show made my stomach do back-flips. Some of the images I saw during the duration of season one will be burned into my brain forever. This show has everything… blood, severed limbs, bigots, zombies, and sexy drama.

The Walking Dead Season One We saw a lot happen in season one. Officer Grimes and his wife Lori were eventually reunited, but not before we find out that she had been hooking up with his best friend Shane. Granted, Shane and Lori thought that Rick was dead, but still. Shane was Rick’s partner on the force, and helped Lori take care of her son Carl.

We saw the racist hick Merle get handcuffed to the top of a building, and after the key was dropped, get left there to be eaten. We later saw that he cut his own hand off and got out, leaving his brother Daryl to find only the hand.

There were also some very sad moments on top of all of the drama and gore. Andrea, one of the survivors, was forced to shoot her sister Amy after a major attack of the undead on the survivors at their camp. Amy was bitten and died on her birthday. And the last major moment was the group meeting up with the man from the CDC at one of their labs. He gave them food and shelter to remain safe from the walkers. When the CDC building power generators run out of fuel, there will be a two-stage explosion to blow up the place. Everyone from the group but Jacqui gets out in time. She decided to stay and suffer the explosion with the man who took them in.

The Walking Dead recently signed on for a second season which will contain 13 episodes. They are said to begin filming June first… my birthday! And since they haven’t released an official one yet, here is a Season 2 Fan Trailer:

There are already about a dozen potential spoilers about the new season online. However, I absolutely hate when people ruin things for me like that, so I will leave you to find those out on your own. All I can say is that there may be some involvement from Stephen King and or Lindsay Lohan. Also, we are supposed to find out what Jennifer whispered to Rick. I accidentally read a couple of spoilers and am very angry about it! They are juicy, so don’t seek them out unless you are prepared! Season 2 will air later this year.

The Walking Dead Season One
The real question for fans of the books though: When is Michonne gonna show up with her Samurai Sword?

Dinosaurs VS Aliens

There are just a lot of things that you put together that make the perfect combo. Peanut Butter and Jelly for instance. Then there is Alien VS Predator, Monsters VS Aliens, or Mega Shark VS Crocosaurus. Even Cowboys and Aliens looks to be something spectacular this summer. Staying with the ‘v.s. aliens’ thing we’ve got going here brings me to the next big thing we have coming our way: Dinosaurs VS Aliens.

Not impressed by that? Then you have no soul or you’re a communist. What if I throw the name Grant Morrison in there, does that help? Because the superstar comic book writer will indeed be taking on the duty of plotting out this latest piece of box office gold. (Or crap depending how you look at it.) And not to mention Barry Sonnenfeld, an alien extraordinaire, will be directing! If you don’t remember Mr. Sonnenfeld he is currently working on his third Men In Black movie.

Grant Morrison has made in his mark on comics in everything from X-Men to Batman, and Superman to Animal Man. He has a penchant for the weird in a lot of cases and I would say that Aliens fighting Dinosaurs is pretty effin’ weird. This little snippet from Deadline will help enlighten you on the direction this movie will be going:


While Sonnenfeld has scored his biggest commercial successes with aliens, he’s also a dinosaur fanatic who sparked to the idea of combining them. “Growing up, my fascination was all things dinosaur, and as an adult, I’ve had some success making films about aliens, so this is a dream come true,” said Sonnenfeld, who first met Liquid Comics founder Sharad Devarajan when he wrote a forward for one of Liquid’s graphic novels. “We’ve been trying to do a project ever since.”

The graphic novel will chronicle a secret prehistoric world war battle. When an alien invasion attacks Earth in the age of the dinosaurs, the planet’s only hope is the giants that roam the planet with, it turns out, a lot more intelligence than previously realized. 


Holy God I hope these dinosaurs talk and wear battle armor, that would be priceless! I will most definitely be picking up Morrison’s graphic novel if it comes out before the movie just to see what they might have in store. I think Barry Sonnefield has that creative spark to make something such as this an entertaining movie. Sure Men in Black 2 sucked, but you can’t blame a guy for trying to trump something as enjoyable as the first Men in Black.

 You’ll see me checking this movie out in theaters regardless of how bad it looks… it’s frickin’ Aliens V.S. Dinosaurs! Next thing will be Robert Kirkman’s (The Walking Dead) Super Dinosaur!


Image Comic Review: The Walking Dead – No Way Out

Holy Crap.

That, I imagine is the thought going through people’s heads when they read the 4th and final part of the most recent Walking Dead story arc – ‘No way Out’.

I know it’s what was going through my head. This arc, which starts out like so many others through-out the course of the book’s history finishes strong, and Kirkman once again proves, in this world, no one is ever safe.

After the jump I’m going to review of the entire 4 Part arc. If you’re a regular reader and don’t want it spoiled, here is my short review: It’s awesome. Go read it.


Before our story arc begins, there are a couple of key developments that happened in the issues leading up to it. Rick has been put in charge of the town by the founder, and former leader Douglas. He wife just died and he feels he no longer has what it takes to lead. Also, Andrea has been sent to the sniper tower for the day to keep watch through her scope. With the appearance of the herd between her and the town, she is now stuck in her tower.

Walking Dead #80: Chapter 1 – Following the emergence of an entire herd of zombies, Abraham and his group scramble to get the gates closed, but not everyone makes it. The first, but certainly not the last death of the story arc is Bruce. Upon being bitten, and the obvious conclusion he can’t be saved, Abraham smashes Bruce’s head open and puts him out of his misery.

Rick then holds a town hall type meeting to ensure everyone they will be ok, and then he calmly explains the plan moving forward. Extra night watchmen, reinforce weak spots in the perimeter fence, share housing to conserve heat, and ration food. Sounds all good.

The former leader of the town Douglas seems to be cracking however.  For some time now he’s been getting worse, and seems relieved that Rick has shown up to take on his responsibilities. After the town meeting, Rick opens up the armory for those who want personal firearm protection. It’s at this time that Rick gives Carl his gun and belt back.

Just then there is a knock at the door. It’s Jessie and her son Ron. Rick had suggested that people start sharing houses, but this is an odd arrangement as Rick killed Jessie’s husband just a few issues back. It’s then just a few pages till Jessie climbs into Rick’s bed to end the issue.

Overall, not the best read of all time when I got it, but it does lay some important groundwork for the issues to come…

Walking Dead #81: Chapter 2 –  The first major crisis since the herd showed up (you know, not counting Bruce’s death because really, who cared) has to be a few pages into this issue.

Rick exits his house just as Abraham runs up. There’s a problem, the wall is giving. A section of the fence is leaning inward and the zombies are all over it. They back a truck up to the fence to help secure it and then go check for other weak spots.

Glenn, Spencer, and Heath set out to rope their way over the zombies to deliver supplies to Andrea. In their attempt to help her, she once again proves more self-sufficient than most and actually has to help save Spencer when the rope breaks.  That’s about when the shit hits the fan.

The truck proves to be not enough to secure the wall and a whole section comes down. Holly goes to find help, while Tobin attempts to hold them off. By the time Rick gets there however, Tobin is zombie-chow and the flood gates are starting to open. Morgan arrives to help out Rick, but in the last panel, he gets chomped.

This issue was a better read than chapter 1, but did feel short. I guess the more action there is, the faster it goes.

Walking Dead #82: Chapter 3 – Issue 82 starts off in the shit. Morgan has just been bit and Michonne flies into the fray, sword in hand and starts decapitating roamers left and right. When she sees Morgan, without hesitation, she severs his arm in hopes of stopping the spread of the disease.

Abraham then marches in like a total badass, complete with posse and flaming torches. They start kicking some serious ass as Rick and Michonne try to get Morgan to safety.

When the assault appears hopeless, the survivors of the town flee into houses for cover. This is the point where we really see how human these book are. Each home housing scared people, scared for themselves and their loved ones.

Andrea and company are still in the tower and they can only watch as the walking dead stumble into the streets of their town. It’s around this time that Andrea’s suggestions of how to help the people below are met by Spencer’s desire for the 2 of them to run off together. To leave Glenn and Heath and all the rest to fend for themselves. Andrea’s Response – a right hook to Spencer’s jaw that lays him out flat, followed by the line: “So that’s about the end of ‘You and Me’.”

Just before the end of the issue, Rick surprisingly suggests to Jessie, just what Spencer has to Andrea. They grab the kids and take off. Of course for Rick this would be a temporary thing until they could figure out how to help the others.

Walking Dead #83: Chapter 4 –  The big payoff. This issue starts with Rick convincing Jessie they have to take the kids and make a run for it. Maggie and Sophia are present as well and determine they’d only slow Rick down, so they stay.

We then cut to Douglas’ house where our once noble leader holds a gun to his head. The death of his wife and the falling of the wall are too much for him. Upon seeing the roamers in the road outside his window, he tries to end it all. But it turns out he just can’t go through with it.

Back to Rick’s house we see our protagonist pull a zombie inside and proceed to gut it. They will then wear the zombie innards to disguise the smell, and try to wade though the herd outside unnoticed. As Rick, Jessie, Carl, and Ron prepare to make a run for it, Michonne comes downstairs to inform everyone that Morgan has died. Denise is also present, and Michonne agrees to escort her back to the infirmary.

Once outside Ron panics and starts to cry. This of course draws the attention of the zombies and he is grabbed immediately. Rick insists they keep moving, but Jessie won’t leave her son…she also won’t let go of Carl’s hand. She starts screaming for Rick not to leave her and with tears in his eyes, he takes a hatchet to her wrist, separating her from his son. She is devoured by the hoard and Rick and Carl must move on.

This has all drawn attention obviously, and as the herd moves in on them, Michonne instructs Denise to run while she holds them back. This happens as Douglas emerges from his house, with gun in hand and starts firing to draw attention to himself; suicide by zombie. This distraction should create the room needed to get though for Michonne, Rick, and Carl.

There is a problem however. Douglas’ wild firing is not without consequence. As Rick yells for Douglas to stop shooting, he turns to find one of the stray bullets has removed an entire section of Carl’s face and head.

Walking Dead
Holy Crap. 

The last page of the book shows Rick scooping Carl up and sprinting to the infirmary in time to beg Denise she save his boy’s life.

Wow. Awesome. How much does Kirkman hate Rick Grimes?

Now I can’t wait for #84…