Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: Episode 204 – Extracurricular Activities

As the sophomore season’s 4th episode begins we bear witness to sexy college professor Kelsey Williams (Sandra McCoy) in her class room, alone, at night. She is watching a slide show of what appears to be turn of the century erotic images, and erotic she does feel. By the one minute mark of the episode she has begun pleasuring herself when she is abruptly interrupted (Boooo) by a suspicious looking Security Guard. As fate would have it said night watchman explains to the good professor that there was an attack on campus earlier, and though the young coed escaped, her attacker remains still un-apprehended. For what is surely her safety, he proceeds to relay the description to the attacker to Ms. Williams.

“Around a hundred & eighty pounds. Dark straight hair, green eyes. Scar on his left cheek.”

Holy shit son! This guy has a scar too! Could it be that the suspicious looking rent-a-cop IS in fact the attacker!??!?!

Nope. It would appear that the supposed attack was nothing more than a myth told to better sell the role-playing exorcise between the kinky Professor Williams and the man we soon learn is married, but not to her. In fact, this would be security enforcer is actually a fellow Professor – Jake Rutlege, and he is married to the Dean (Vivica A. Fox). It would seem too, that this is not a first time thing, and in fact the two have been carrying on a torrid affair for some time. Their secret however, is about to be uncovered.

Someone has been spying on his favorite teacher…

The whole encounter played out nicely, and it was, in my opinion, one of the better shot scenes the show’s run. Many times the sex scenes seem to come off a little ham-handed, relying on the audience’s inability to focus on anything other than boobs. Here I really liked the lighting, it gave it a nice ambiance and seemed to foreshadow that something ominous was about to happen. Which we quickly learn is the presence of the ‘Peeping Tom’…or ‘Peeping Chazz’ if you will. Chazz however isn’t the only one aware of the ongoing adultery though, Dean Rutlege too is convinced that her husband is two-timing her, and it’s only a matter of time till she figures out who the other woman is.

So our creepy peeper Jake happens to be in Ms. Williams’ Women’s Studies class, and this is revealed as we watch him read a paper he wrote that sounds more like a letter to Penthouse than anything else. I’m pretty sure it didn’t earn him any new friends in the classroom either.

“He was so afraid she was say he was being stupid and send him away, but she didn’t. So he reached out and touched her tits.”  – It’s like poetry.

The next scene is great because it’s the first time in Season 2 that we are really tied back to Season 1 as we see Tiffany (originally from Girls Gone Dead) make her 4th appearance on the show when she comes to talk to Professor Williams about her paper. Ms. Williams explains to Tiffany how Cleopatra would be a better subject for her paper because of her ability to manipulate men with her sexuality and then use her brains to control them. It’s obvious that she sees herself as a Cleopatra type, this is some more foreshadowing, though as Lilith alluded to in her open, things might not go as planned.

It was a nice little cameo by Catherine Annette and provided setting for the Dean to walk by and recognize Kelsey’s perfume. Eureka! A lightning bolt of realization clues the Dean in there and then that her husband isn’t screwing a student, but another faculty member…

Catherine Annette, Sandra McCoy, Femme Fatales, Vivica A. Fox
After the encounter Kelsey had a meeting in her office with that Creepy dude Chazz, and they discuss his paper. It’s blatantly obvious that Chazz is in fact – Hot for teacher.

So when we cut back to the Dean, we learn that Tiffany’s appearance earlier was more than just a cameo, but that this is the same college form Girls Gone Dead, and the dean even makes reference to the sex tape scandal. Even better than the tie in continuity though, is the 3rd person in the scene. As the show has taught us multiple times now, where Tiffany is, Alexis can’t be far behind. And Alexis, played by Grizzly Bomb favorite Madison Dylan (featured in the newest issue of GEEK Magazine), is a character we are always happy to see, especially if there is tunage around.

Madison Dylan, Vivica A. Fox, Catherine Annette
This scene though, aside from a shout out to Season 1 and an excuse to bring back a couple popular character, serves as little more than a bridge connecting to another interaction with Kelsey. Who approaches in an attire and manner of movement that shouldn’t be allowed on a campus where there are penises.

The Dean promptly informs her that if Kelsey doesn’t stop sleeping with her husband, her career will be over. Kelsey of course denies everything, but the Dean’s not having it.

Dick, Viviaca A. Fox, Biz Marke, Femme FatalesThis ultimatum will surely end well for all parties involved though right? Well it’s about this time that Hot Teacher spots Creepy Student and decides she’s gonna seduce him. And for the second time in the episode he eludes to the fact that he would do anything for her. Though, with her on top of him, few men wouldn’t have said the same thing…
Kelsey tells Chazz all about the evil Dean’s plan to fire her because she is too pretty. Chazz though isn’t about to let anything happen to Kelsey now that he has her. The caution here though, while Kelsey is trying to play Cleopatra, is that when you unleash a Golem, it’s actions aren’t always as predictable as you hope. Kelsey does get what she wants though, as the Dean pops up in the next reel dead…

Vivica A. Fox – Survivor of the Alien Invasion of ’96, member of the ‘Deadly Viper Assassination Squad’, and still working despite her involvement in Batman and Robin – bested by a creepy kid with a nightstick.

So Kelsey got the Vera Rutlege out-of-the-way like she wanted, but at a cost she didn’t expect. Old Chazz framed up the Dean’s husband to get his real threat out-of-the-way. Turns out that Ms. Williams isn’t quite the Femme Fatale that she fancied herself to be as she got played by her mark. And it’s not till Jake is led away in handcuffs that she figures it all out.

“Funny, he doesn’t LOOK like a murderer to me.” And Tiffany would know…

So now Kelsey is stuck with creepy crazy Chazz, and what was supposed to be her escape has become her prison. That fate seems unfair even for her. Good cast, cool cameos and tie-in from season 1, and pretty technically sound. I’d give it a 4.5/5 and call this one of the best episodes to date.

Oh, and Lilith in a plaid skirt. You’re welcome.

One thought on “Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: Episode 204 – Extracurricular Activities”

  1. As usual the plot is quite predictable but the acting more than makes up for tht. Its actually a nice touch that she is now stuck in the prison of her own creation than try and mer intoe some sort of heroe like they did with her student Tiffany in Vision part 2 (still cant believe they did tht)


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