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Review: South Park – Season 15, Episode 4 ‘T.M.I.’

After the last three lackluster episodes I’m ready for a decent South Park episode and it’s off to a good start. We begin with a good Cartman rant about how the school doesn’t care about them and accusations fly about the school posting everyone’s penis sizes in the hallway. Kyle and Stan disbelieve it, but sure enough there is a poster showing how the students have “Grown” since the last physical. Cartman has a bright idea and the boys make their own list and post it over the school’s. Catman’s of course is the smallest in his class.

Principal Victoria informs Eric that he acts too rashly because of his anger and sends him to therapy, and then anger management. Honestly, the scene with the therapist calling Cartman fat made me laugh harder than any of the first three episodes combined. I need to thank Trey Parker and Matt Stone for getting back to basics, because this episode was great.

The anger management group was funny enough with the tea bagger and white ghetto kid, but when Randy Marsh gets involved it’s just downright classic. He is sent to the group for beating the ever-loving shit out of the Surgeon General for debunking his super complex T.M.I. penis length formula. They dub themselves the ‘Pissed Off and Angry Party’ and apparently people who are so pissed off at the world and the government, are only that way because… they have tiny, tiny dicks. I’ll buy into that. I liked the inclusion of the truck nuts on the last guy’s car by the way, because the people who put those on a vehicle are complete scum.

The episode flew by and I laughed throughout, so to me, that’s a damn good episode. I give this episode a 3 out of 5 bears. It wasn’t a future classic or anything, but it was a vast improvement over the first three episodes. Now I can’t wait until next week because South Park is officially back.