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AMC’s The Killing: Episode 207 – “Keylela” (Something Finally Happened!)

So, after the first season finale most of the good will and momentum built earlier on was lost. People were pissed about the case not being wrapped up yet and wanted to know who the killer was. Just didn’t want to know bad enough to keep watching. When season 2 premiered it did so to much lower numbers than the previous season and it was clear that even the people still watching were less invested. Now I was one of the people who didn’t hate the finale last year, but even I found myself not caring anymore. So when season 2 started popping up on my DVR, it was the show that I had to “get around to watching”. It airs the same night as Mad Men and Game of Thrones, so it’s running uphill already. Season 2 to this point has been all about…well, not much. Mitch ran out and is working through some stuff with a runaway she can pretend is Rosie. And as it turns out Stan isn’t Rosies’ real dad, and Sterling Cooper’s Duck Phillips is Linden’s boss now.  Mostly though, its business as usual. Oh, and Richmond is paralyzed. Anyhow, I just watched Sunday’s episode and after 6 weeks of not really caring about the show anymore, something has finally happened…

Linden and Holder were investigating the Casino and the evil Indians told them to leave. They first found Linden in the woods outside and basically told her “We don’t get a buffalo f*** that you’re a cop. If we find you here again we’ll f*** up are dumb white ass.”  Well Linden heeds the warning, but being a goddamn space cadet, she fails to let Holder know what’s going on. Despite the fact that he is inside the Casino. Alone. So anyhow Holder is trying to get into this secret “Under construction” floor of the hotel and hires a gigolo to get him in there, but passes on the Man on Man action. He instead unwittingly gets some info from a maid and then the Hotel cops find him.

While this is happening Richmond’s staff tries to convince Stan Larson to speak out on Darren’s behalf, to which he promptly tells them to piss off. Eventually though Darren goes to see Stan himself, and something obviously resonated with Stan because that night he shows up at the Press Conference. Stan agrees to read a per-prepared statement which includes him almost immediately attacking the media for not caring about Rosie and being opportunistic vultures. Then, in a move I could not approve of more, he pulls a total ‘Mel Gibson – Ransom move, and offers up $12,000 for any info on Rosie’s killer. Whom he will then surely then kill. It was pretty solid. Brent Sexton was awesome in that scene, and overall is just a really underrated actor.

So Sarah and Jack are on the run from CPS because, well you know, she is a really good Mom and all. And just when it seems things can’t get much worse for Detective Linden, she gets a phone call from Holder. Or at least from Holder’s phone. It’s a courtesy call from the evil Indians. They want to make sure Linden can hear Holder being beaten down in the woods. It was awesome. Real renegade stuff. The Killing was in some serious need of something like this. I’m actually excited for the next episode now…

New ‘Robocop’ Lead Offered to Star of ‘The Killing’

The reboot of the Robocop franchise has been on and off again for quite some time. There was news that Darren Aronofsky was attached to direct the movie and filming was continually rumored to be imminent. Well now the film has it’s director in the form of Jose Padilha, but the bigger news is that they may have finally found the right actor to play the title role of cyborg law enforcer, Robocop. Or Murphy as his friends call him. As for who is playing Robocop, look no further than Joel Kinnaman off of AMC’s The Killing, which according to the reviews done up by Dr. Kronner is one of the best shows on that network, behind Walking Dead of course.

Theater wise, he was most recently in the sci-fi alien invasion flick called The Darkest Hour and Safe House also starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.

If anyone out there is worried about the guy’s acting skills then it’s all for naught because how hard could it be for an actor to mutter some choppy and slowly articulated words and one liners throughout the movie. I don’t remember Robocop in the movie dishing out any Oscar worthy performances. That’s not to say that the Robocop in this reboot will be exactly, I’m actually hoping for the opposite. I don’t want a drastic change in his look and demeanor but the franchise needs a little change for sure. I’ll tell you one thing, it had better still take place in Detroit!

Rant and rave in the comments section below and let us know what all of you Robocop fans think of this casting choice if it comes to fruition! Is this Kinnaman fellow worthy of the role?

AMC’s ‘The Killing’: Episode 7 – “Vengeance”

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The Killing Sunday night’s episode of The Killing started off strong, so let’s get right to it… We start off with where we stopped last week. Detective Linden pounding on Bennett’s door while he is trapped in Stan Larsen’s car. After it appeared unlikely, Amber Ahmed finally comes to the door and lets in Linden. She does this about the same time Holder is questioning Mrs. Larsen about Stan’s whereabouts. Neither interview goes well. Bennett’s life is spared only by Stan’s self-control and a promise he made 18 years earlier. Bennett’s wife seems to have been eliminated from the suspect pool, and Holder got himself kicked out of the Larsen house.

Linden then, as expected, misses her flight. You know, the one she guaranteed she would be on. In the wake of Rosie’s funeral everyone is having a terrible day, including Councilman Richmond. His refusal to abandon and publicly condemn Bennett Amhed has giving the Mayor enough ammunition to publicly attack him for “supporting a murderer”.

The KillingThe Mayor’s attacks hit home with the bigots and racists, that’s an important demographic – they vote. Richmond’s campaign seems to be forever doomed, though I seem to think that once Bennett’s innocence is proven it will only strengthen his cause. This however, at least to me, is the most interesting aspect of the show. After all, I don’t care about Linden leaving – cause she won’t. And Holder’s ‘is he/isn’t he’ a drug user aspect seems a little forced, and I believe he will yet prove himself an asset. So until Stan Larsen actually kills someone to avenge his daughter, I’ll turn my focus to the election and Richmond’s self-destructive actions. I mean, doesn’t he know politicians are supposed to be morally corrupt? We get to see a little more of Richmond’s background here as he visits the mother of his dead wife, killed by a drunk driver. He does so just before her daughter’s killer is released from prison.

So the episode closes with 2 events: The first is the Mayor using the City Council against Richmond to kill his basketball program, effectively removing Bennett from the payroll. The second, and significantly more substantial event has to do with our beloved pair of Detectives. After visiting a mosque to follow-up a lead, they are mysteriously slipped an address. Upon arriving at said address they break in only to be met by an FBI swat team. Maybe this has introduced a new motive for Rosie’s murder…

Overall the episode wasn’t great, just a lot of set up, but it looks to be headed in the right direction…I give it 3 Bears.

AMC Series Preview: THE KILLING

As the fall TV shows are coming up on the end of their seasons, many new shows are getting ready to premier. We’ve already told you about Terra Nova, A Game of Thrones, and Camelot, which we’re predicting will all be good. Now we’ve got another prediction of quality: The Killing.

Here is the synopsis from AMC:

AMC has begun production on the network’s next original series, The Killing. From writer, executive producer and series showrunner Veena Sud (Cold Case), The Killing is based on the wildly successful Danish television series Forbrydelsen and tells the story of the murder of a young girl in Seattle and the subsequent police investigation. Season one will consist of thirteen one-hour episodes and will debut with a 2 hour premiere on Sun., Apr. 3 at 9PM | 8C.

Now, it might not sound like much…unless you were a big TV fan in the early 90’s. Then it might sound like Twin Peaks.

Most Cop/Crime dramas take a week-to-week look at the job, and typically wrap up a case an episode, but with both this and the aforementioned Twin Peaks, you have an entire season devoted to one case, the murder of a young girl. Now that might seem dull to all you Law & Order fans who are used to everything being wrapped up with a bow at the end of the hour, but I can tell you, this has potential to be one of the best shows on TV this year.

Below is the trailer, and for those familiar with Twin Peaks, tell me that it doesn’t seem similar…

So, as there were no midgets in red tuxedos, speaking backwards, it’s obviously not going to be as weird as Twin Peaks, but I’m sure can see the parallels.

Our missing girl is Rosie Larsen. In the trailer, if you’re a True Blood fan, you may have recognized Rosie’s mother as ‘Maryann Forrester’ (Michelle Forbes), but this time with no claws. And Justified fans may know Rosie’s father (played by Brent Sexton) as ‘Sheriff Hunter Mosley’ from Season 1.

The show is set to premier with a 2-Hour first episode this Sunday. I know I’ll be watching, and I have high hopes.