New Bear Poll…

It’s been brought to my attention that the last bear poll we did was so lame it could induce involuntary vomiting and bowel movements. In retrospect, while I don’t necessarily agree with that assessment, it was a little weak.

So to rectify that, we have created a new poll, more with the tone of the site itself.

If these Bears aren’t kick ass enough for you, then you much be watching some new Care Bears Torture-Porn or something…NOW VOTE IT UP!

5 thoughts on “New Bear Poll…”

      1. Umm…no. I haven’t see The Golden Compass – read the book (Northern Lights), haven’t see the film as I didn’t want it to ruin my memory of it (is that silly?) I have seen The Great Outdoors though.


  1. I could not have been more off on that one! Not silly at all. Timeline by Michael Crichton was an awesome book and the movie failed me in almost every way. lol Did you like Great Outdoors?


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