DIRT ON DEXTER! – Season 6 to feature Colin Hanks & Mos Def

He is the blood spatter analyst we love to watch murder people. He stabs his way into his victims… and our hearts. Of course, I am talking about DEXTER! That’s right, our favorite serial killer-killer is coming back to Showtime this fall, and is bringing a famous Hollywood son into the mix.

Colin Hanks (Mad Men, The Good Guys), the son of Tom Hanks (Forest Gump, the guy who made BFFs with a Volleyball), is joining the cast of Dexter for Season 6. His character details were kept under tighter wraps than Dexter’s victims up until one website leaked some information. According to TV Somniac, Hanks will be playing Travis, Dexter’s main nemesis: a highly intelligent expert on ancient artifacts who gets linked to a series of grisly murders in Miami.

Now, I have been thinking all day about ways this could make him valuable to the show, and I have some ideas. Maybe he is an expert on ancient artifacts, so he discovers some old leftovers (bones, tools, etc) from Dexter on a dig/hunt for something else, and somehow links them to Dex. Maybe he gets directly linked to Dexter’s killings as a case he is given. Maybe he and Adam Levine team up and form an “I look like a pedophile with a scary fetish” club. Nobody knows for sure, yet. All I know is that I am extraordinarily excited.

There are three other characters being added that we know of, according to this same website.

Louis: A buddy of Masuka’s (C.S. Lee) who joins MMP as a new lab intern. Role calls for a Caucasian actor in his 30s who is “attractive in his own way.”

Jamie: Described as an outgoing and fun Latina in her mid-20s, this Florida native relocates to Miami for grad school. (LaGuerta’s long lost sister? ZING!)

Chicago Mike: New thirtysomething African-American homicide detective who possesses a finely turned. (Sounds like another Doakes situation!)

And finally, according to The Hollywood Reporter, rapper Mos Def (Be Kind Rewind, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, 16 Blocks) will also appear in multiple episdoes as “a hardened ex-con who claims to have found religion yet seems to continually find himself surrounded by violence.” 

Dexter Season 6 has begun filming, and is said to air in September.

2 thoughts on “DIRT ON DEXTER! – Season 6 to feature Colin Hanks & Mos Def”

  1. can.not.WAIT for dexter!

    normally i hate anything remotely resembling spoilers, but when it comes to dexter, i NEED TO KNOW! and the bad thing is: it’s never enough! you’d think knowing these things would make me feel better, but no! i need more now! keep ’em coming! #dexterismydrug


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