Rachel Weisz Joining The Bourne Legacy?

It would Rachel Weisz is on quite a roll and is definitely in demand these days. Not only will she possibly be starring with James Franco and Mila Kunis in Sam Raimi’s take on the Wizard of Oz, but now it appears that she is in talks to be the Bourne franchise’s newest cast member alongside Jeremy Renner.

The Bourne franchise as you may or may not know will no longer star Matt Damon, nor the titular one man murder-machine the movies are named after. Instead Renner will play a whole new character according to IGN via Deadline:

And lest you worry that Renner is replacing Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, fear not. As Deadline reminds us, Renner will play “a new character: an operative from a covert government program that is even more dangerous than the Treadstone brainwashing program that hatched Bourne.”

Yet another case of a movie capitalizing only off of the name of it’s predecessor when they could have just been original and started a whole new franchise. Or even recast Jason Bourne/Webb to follow the actual Bourne Legacy book. But regardless it will be interesting to see what Renner can do with the role and how they closely they tie this movie in with the other Bourne titles.

But back to Rachel Weisz. It will be even more interesting to see if she can do the Oz movie and this one as well. They both seem to be shooting around the same time, so she may have to choose one or the other. The other big question is if she will play a love interest or an antagonist to Renner’s character. I’m hoping for the antagonist because as I said with Weisz’s potential villain role in Oz, it would be refreshing to see her take on the role as villainess because it’s not something we see out of her everyday. And now she may land two roles as a baddie? I’m impressed. I’m just hoping that if she is in the antagonist role she is not just a carbon copy of Joan Allen’s character.

Hopefully we hear more soon on whether or not she lands the gig so this movie can start to take shape for it’s 2012 release.

2 thoughts on “Rachel Weisz Joining The Bourne Legacy?”

  1. Big hairy deal. Where’s Damon as Bourne? I dispise going to movies. You want my money, make another Damon/Bourne flick, not just stumble along in the dark.


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