‘Pan’ Movie Picks Up Three Actors

It would appear that the newest Peter Pan movie will not feature Channing Tatum pretending to be a little boy and flying around in green tights, and thank heavens that is the case. Instead we will get yet another reimagining of a beloved classic in the vein of the recent Alice in Wonderland and the upcoming Oz: The Great and Powerful. However it appears so far that this film will not take place in Neverland.

Here is a description of the movie’s plot and three excellent actors/actresses joining the new film from IGN:

According to ScreenDaily, the cast includes Aaron Eckhart, Sean Bean and AnnaSophia Robb.

“Eckhart plays Hook, the Captain Hook character reimagined as a tormented former detective on the trail of a childlike kidnapper. Robb, riding high following the solid recent launch of Soul Surfer, will portray Wendy, the lone survivor who leaves an asylum to help in the hunt,” according to the trade’s site. “Bean has been cast as Smee, the chief detective and Hook’s only ally on the force.”

I have to say, it sounds intriguing enough that I may give it a whirl when it comes to theaters. It’s definitely an interesting twist to have Pan be the criminal that Hook and Smee will be hunting in the movie, and it has a very reputable cast coming at us. Aaron Eckhart is easily one of my favorite actors after The Dark Knight and Battle: Los Angeles, and Sean Bean is a legend in my eyes being in Lord of the Rings and now A Game of Thrones which are probably the best fantasy novels written in our time. Then you have Anna Sophia Robb and while she hasn’t been in any movies that I’ve particularly enjoyed, she most definitely is a very talented young actress. Give it a few years and she’ll be in about four movies a year like Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman.

So just to be clear, the Channing Tatum Peter Pan Crapfest will still be happening, as will the Neverland mini series on SyFy. Now with this third Peter Pan themed movie gearing up we are set to be on Pan overload for the next couple years.


4 thoughts on “‘Pan’ Movie Picks Up Three Actors”

  1. Sure would like to know who’s idea this is. Because my husband has had this idea in the works since 2006! Awesome, just another thing people with money get to take away from someone else.


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