WWE Monday Night Raw Review: May 30th, 2011

The show begins with a message saying that tonight’s Raw was to be dedicated to the men and women in the armed services.

After this we see backstage footage of R-truth at a merchandise booth, tearing down John Cena merchandise. Truth makes his way to inside the arena and begins walking through the crowd ranting about how everybody is wearing John Cena t-shirts. After continuing his rant inside the ring, John Cena interrupts R-truth. Cena tells R-Truth he is living in a fantasy world for thinking that there is a conspiracy to keep him away from main event status. John Cena says that he would be happy to knock some sense back into R-truth. The anonymous general manager says that the match will be made official for later in the night. Commercial break…

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler:

Before the match starts Michael Cole says how happy he is to be back at the announce table next to Jerry Lawler, and thanking Lawler for accepting his apology after months of antagonism.

Ziggler starts the match in total control, and with Vicki Guerrero in his corner. The momentum in the match quickly shifts in favor of Kingston, but after a shove off of the top turnbuckle by Ziggler, Kingston lays outside of the ring, as raw cuts to a commercial break midway through the match.

When Raw returns Ziggler is still in control in the middle of the ring with a crossface locked in on Kingston. Kingston gets to his feet, and gains some control through getting the best of Ziggler in an exchange of punches. The match continues a back and forth battle between the two superstars. After failing to connect with an S.O.S, Ziggler counters with the zig zag, and quickly gets the pin fall over Kingston. Michael Cole then states how this was a huge match for Ziggler if he is to get back on track for the United States Title.

Commercial Break…  

Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio as he drives into the arena in his Audi, and makes his way to the ring. Del Rio then shows what happened last week with the big show getting hit by Del Rio’s car. Del Rio tells the crowd that what happened to show was an accident, but says that the Big Show brought what happened on himself. Del Rio goes on to state that Big Show owes him money for damaging his car. Del Rio says that he will send the bill to the big show for what happened. Commercial Break…

Eve & Kelly Kelly vs. The Bella Twins

Eve and Kelly Kelly at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania

Eve starts the match in control against Bree Bella. With much unfair involvement by both Bella twins in the match, they begin to grab back momentum against Eve. After a much needed counter against Bella, Eve tags in Kelly Kelly. When Kelly Kelly gets in the match she dominates the Bella that was in the ring (the announcers weren’t even sure which one it was). After a face plant by Kelly Kelly, she covers Bella for the three count.

The Losers. 

Commercial Break

Raw returns with Michael Cole in the ring claiming that he is going to get Alex Riley to publicly apologize to the Miz. Cole also says that Riley has in fact been rehired by the anonymous general manager after being fired last week by the Miz. After showing a replay of Riley’s attack on the Miz last week, Alex Riley makes his way to the ring. Michael Cole tells Riley that there has never in the history of WWE been an act of such treachery as last weeks attack on Miz. Cole suggests that the Miz was emotionally affected by Riley’s actions last week and says that the Miz was mentally scarred by what happened. Michael Cole then asks Riley how he could justify his actions. Riley answers by saying he has never felt better in his life. After Cole calls Riley a bastard, Riley pushes Cole to the mat and the pulls him back up by the collar. Meanwhile the Miz comes in with an attack from behind on Riley. Riley retaliates and begins throwing Miz around outside of the ring and into the barricades. Miz quickly escapes into the crowd and runs away from Alex Riley before further punishment by his former apprentice.

Commercial Break…

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

The match begins with Punk punishing Mysterio with a series of kicks to Rey Mysterio in the corner or the ring. Punk throws Mysterio out of the ring, and Mason Ryan intervenes, by shoving Mysterio into the turn buckle as he was re-rentering the ring. This results in Rey falling to the outside of the ring once again, while Raw cut to a commercial break. When raw returns Punk is in control and according to the announcers, punk has been throughout the entire commercial break. Mysterio regains control with multiple kicks to the body of Punk. Rey continues his momentum but Punk gets back into control with a back breaker to Mysterio. The match continues as a back and forth battle between the two. As Rey Mysterio begins running to the ropes to gain speed for a 619, Rey is distracted by Mason Ryan who is up on the apron. Punk then capitalizes with a quick kick to the back of Rey Mysterio’s head. Punk is then able to cover Rey for the three count and get the win.

Commercial Break…

Kharma is standing in the middle of the ring with her head down. She begins telling the crowd that when she was a kid she had two dreams. The first of which was to become a WWE superstar. Her second dream was to become a mother. She said that she is currently pregnant so she can not compete in a WWE ring, but she will be back and thanks the crowd for welcoming her. The Bella twins then come out and insult Kharma with a series of jokes about Kharma’s pregnancy. After taunting Kharma for a couple minutes, Kharma says that her new dream is coming back after her pregnancy and coming after the Bellas.

After the match we see a brief skit that featured a mock press conference with President Obama about the Capitol Punishment pay-per view in June.

Commercial Break…

Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne

With a quick boot to the head, Swagger begins dominating the contest against Bourne. The match moves to the outside of the ring, as the ref begins the ten count. The two quickly move back into the ring as Swagger continues controlling the match up. Evan Bourne fights back but is quickly scooped into a side walk slam by the powerful Jack Swagger, once again putting the control in his hands. As Swagger lifts Bourne up from behind, Bourne quickly counters it with a quick roll up into the three count. Swagger is absolutely shocked by this and begins stomping around the ring. Bourne immediately makes a quick escape after getting the victory.

We then see backstage footage of R-Truth rambling to himself, before making his way out to the ring.

Commercial Break…

R-Truth vs. John Cena


Cena starts the match in control and R-Truth exits the ring to regain his composure. Outside the ring, R-Truth begins taunting the fans. Once back in the ring, Truth begins to gain momentum as he punishes John Cena in the corner of the ring against the turnbuckle. Once John Cena regains control, Truth then walks outside the ring once again to regain composure. Truth appears to be becoming more and more frustrated by the crowd favoring John Cena so heavily. R-Truth enters and exits the ring a few times before he begins walking through the crowd. John Cena then chases him through the crowd, and R-truth Punches Cena, knocking him to the ground. Truth makes his way back in the ring before Cena, and before the ten count, and as a result Cena gets counted out. R-Truth then walks back into the crowd and throws a drink in the face of a spectator he confronted at the start of the show. John Cena runs after R-Truth, but Truth manages to escape before Cena could catch up to him.

The show ends with Cena apologizing to the spectator and the spectator’s son for R-Truth’s actions after the match.

3 thoughts on “WWE Monday Night Raw Review: May 30th, 2011”

  1. I do love his character now that he is a heel though. I feel like Raw has been suffering a lot lately because of their lack of main event status wrestlers. I see R-truth having some potential to give John Cena an interesting rivalry.


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