The Urban 30 Weekly Update! Season 5, Weeks 10-11

All right, so I’ve fallen a little behind on the Update so this week your lucky enough to get the Bi-Monthly edition! Which is good, because there is so much happening in the world of the Urban 30 right now that it never hurts to read weeks at a time. At least that’s how I’m rationalizing it.

The Urban 30 mourns the loss of Vaidan, which happened last week during Freak of the Week, Part 2 (Check for the link at the bottom if you missed it), and tries to move forward, whether it be through kicking the crap out of some bad guys, investigating cases, kicking the crap out of some bad guys, team building, or kicking the crap out of some bad guys.

Here’s the weekly rundown:


  • Legacy of Hope
  • Putting the pieces back together

Engels leads the team at Vaidan’s funeral, and delivers a message of togetherness amongst mourning. A need to pull together not just individually, but as a team. He takes his own words to heart as he takes it upon himself to work with one of the newer member of the team…


  • Unsuspected Visit
  • Immortal Killer… Part 2

Gehenna returns to her home after her encounter with Paul N. Nate and the Urban 30. Surprised by the appearance of her friend and fellow team member, Gehenna is forced to confront her estrangement from the team. She then continues with her hunt for the Immortal Killer, learning more about her fellow immortals before she too is attacked…


  • Temper Tantrum
  • Room to Negotiate…

Sonus discovers that his Hummer had been ‘borrowed’ by some of his fellow team members, and decides to give back a little justice. Maybe a little too much,  as he severely injures one of them in rage. He is then sent on a mission to gather some of the missing pieces of the strange robots that have been popping in and out of the U30’s lives.


  • The Secret Lives Of Terra
  • Fight al Fresco

Elemental tries to move on from Vaidan’s death, but it proves to be difficult and forces her to keep secrets not only from the team, but from her own brother, Conner. As she attempts to return to a somewhat ‘normal’ life, she is sent on a mission with Roulette to stand guard over a dangerous new chemical, Things don’t go the way everybody hoped…

  • The Island of Dr. Grimm, Prologue: Playing Ketchup
  • The Island of Dr. Grimm, Part 2: Chasing Leads

Drifter and Zoey spend a quiet night at home, and Drifter reveals the secret he’s been keeping from Zoey since the end of Season 4. Taking it in stride, they decide to work together to find The Other, which first means finding Grimm. Hitman points him in the right direction, and Drift enlists Carbon Copy to accompany him on the mission, when things turn ugly…

  • The Island of Dr. Grimm (Or, How I Learned to Hate Pterodactyls), Part 1
  • The Enemy of My Enemy (The Island of Dr. Grimm, Part 3) 

Hitman decides to follow-up on his own leads to Dr. Grimm, as he’s saddled up with Push by Dispatch. He is also contacted by Rayne, hoping to procure his help in clearing her name after the murder of Aiho AKA Mayor Winters. Hitman and Push arrive at Grimm’s Water Treatment Facility, when suddenly they are attacked, and taken. Waking up in a strange environment, Hitman and Push are surprised to find themselves surrounded by a jungle, and strangely enough, Pterodactylus…

And that’s it for these last two weeks! What a trip. Next week we will have another Bi-Monthly edition, which will catch everybody right up. If you don’t want to wait for that, then by all means check out daily to follow the story.

Now it’s time for some Extras!

First here’s a look at Carbon Copy:

Followed with a pic of Hitman’s Season 5 uniform made by Christopher Brown:

A cool look at Sonus:

And finally a look at the team on a day off, from ThreeZeroMedia:

Expect more of those, which I’ll show you in next week’s edition!

Previous Weeks

– Season 4
– Season 5, Weeks 1-8
– Season 5, Week 9

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