AMC’s ‘The Killing’: Episode 11 – “Missing”

As expected, after last week Belko took a significant drop in AMC’s ‘Suspect Tracker’ poll. He went from 40% down to 8%. At the start of tonight’s episode the lead was actually a split – between Gwen and Jamie, each at 17%. That’s quite a swing.

This week’s winner of the “Least Cooperative A-Hole” award goes to the Indian’s that own the Casino, always hating on the white man. Linden attempts to question them about whether or not Rosie might’ve cleaned up at the Black Jack table the night she went missing, but there was no help there. The Casino head demands a federal warrant, one that will take a week to get. Linden has a quicker idea though – petition the court for a warrant, but not to enter the Casino, rather to look at ATM cameras located inside. That should only take a day…

In the meantime however, and the focus of this episode is Linden’s bratty kid missing. For almost the entire episode our Detectives are wasted driving around looking for that turd, and this is when we learn a few things about Linden. Like the fact she grew up a ward of the state and bounced from foster home to foster home. Perhaps that is why she is kind of a shitty mom. Also, Reggie is not her Mother, lover, or friend. Reggie is actually the social worker that had her case file when she was young.

This part pissed me off. Look lady, I don’t care if you like your job or not – just do it. It’s called “Customer Service”, stop being a bitch.

Anyhow, this whole episode’s purpose was for Linden and Holder to grow as a team…until a call comes over the radio. A body matching Jack’s description had just been found. Since however, Jack’s death would surly overshadow the Larsen investigation, the body turns out to be that of some other kid. That’s the bummer man, Jack is annoying. Eventually they find the kid, and as Holder drops Linden off, she learns Jack’s been with his Dad all day. We don’t know anything about Linden’s ex, but it seems like he’s a dick.

For Holder the episode is about redemption, and when gets back to the car he get rewarded. He receives a call, the ATM footage is in, and predictably, Rosie is on it. That’s it. No one from the Richmond campaign or the Larsen family appears. It’s sorta like watching a ‘Butters’ episode of South Park. It wasn’t bad, but it’s missing something.

 I give it 3.5 Bears.

One thought on “AMC’s ‘The Killing’: Episode 11 – “Missing””

  1. I liked it. A good character building episode. The only problem is I don’t see how this can be wrapped up in 2 more episodes. Looks like they’re going to stuff all the meaty stuff right into the end.


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