Movie Trailer Roundup: Lucky, Cowboys & Aliens, The Ward, And Soon The Darkness, and Warrior

This week’s Trailer Roundup features movies we’ve talked, as well as some we haven’t. Maybe you’ll see something that interests you…


Well, I’m not a big Colin Hanks fan (seriously – who is?) but this looks pretty watchable. Ari Graynor is his dream girl, and once he hits it big in the lotto, she agrees to marry him. She later finds out – he is a serial killer. And the winning ticket belonged to a victim…

George Bluth Jeffrey Tambor plays a detective investigating the disappearance of some of Hanks’ victims. I like dark comedy, and the early feedback on this is all positive. Also features Ann-MargretMimi Rogers, and Adam Harrington.

Release Date: July 15, 2011 (Limited – NY, LA)


Cowboys & Aliens is directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man) and the screenplay, based off a Graphic Novel by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, was adapted by Orci & Kurtzman (Star Trek).  The movie stars Daniel Craig as a memory-challenged cowboy with a mysterious weapon, in the middle of an apparent Alien invasion. His love interest is the always stunning Olivia Wilde, and the rest of the cast is populated with familiar names and faces. Most notably Harrison Ford, but also featuring Sam RockwellClancy Brown, and our friend Walton Goggins.

Release Date: July 29th


The Ward stars Amber Heard as an inmate, currently residing in an asylum, that becomes terrorized by a ghost. It’s directed by Horror Legend John Carpenter. This is Carpenter’s first film since 2oo1’s Ghosts of Mars, and will look to be his first great movie since They Live way back in 1988.

The movie co-stars up and coming hottie Lyndsy Fonseca (Kick-Ass, Nikita). And from the upcoming Summer Glau flick Knights of Badassdom both D.R. Anderson and Sean Cook.

Release Date: July 8th


And if you ‘mad-crushing’ on Amber Heard and can’t wait for The Ward to come out, you could always look into this one. With a Limited Release back in December, this Horror Remake of the 1970 movie by the same name, also stars Ms. Heard and is available on Netflix.

Aside from one of our obvious obsessions around here – Amber Heard, the movie also features Odette Annable, who got her start in a little film called – Kindergarten Cop. Odette plays the best friend who goes missing, and Karl Urban (LOTR, Star Trek) is either the White Knight, there to help, or the cause of the disappearance in the first place.


Sappy as it might be, this is the movie out of these 5 I’m most sure to like. I may not be a UFC fan, but this seems up my alley still. Almost like a modern-day Cinderella Man, Warrior is a story about redemption and survival through violence. Sounds awesome. The ‘Must See’ factor for me though is locked in by the casting of Tom Hardy (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) who has already risen into my favorite actors list. He trains for an MMA tourney that will ultimately see him pitted against his own brother (Joel Edgerton – Star Wars: The Prequels, The Thing: The Remake with MEW).

Hardy is not the only star here though. His drunk father is played by Nick Nolte (48 Hrs.) and the star of the upcoming Once Upon A Time – Jennifer Morrison is there as well. Throw in great character actors like Noah Emmerich and Kevin Dunn and you got yourself a nicely rounded cast.

Release Date: September 9th, 2011

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