‘The Owls Are Gathering’ J.K. Rowling’s Secret New Project: ‘Pottermore’


It appears that Harry Potter creator, J. K. Rowling, is working on something new.  The biggest question is – what is it??

As it is with Rowling, the announcement didn’t come easily.  Nine Harry Potter fan sites and one official Twitter account all posted different map coordinates.  When each of these coordinates were entered in Secret Street View, each revealed a letter that would eventually spell out P-O-T-T-E-R-M-O-R-E; which is apparently the name of her newest project.

For those of you who tracked down all the coordinates and figured out the word on your own, I don’t know whether to commend you or condemn you.  Personally, I like to wait for these sorts of things to work themselves out so I can just read a straightforward announcement.  Call it laziness, call it common sense.  Irregardless, for those of you who are lazy/normal like I am, there is an official website, official Twitter page (@pottermore), and official You Tube site for you to browse through.  Don’t get too excited, though, unless you like Adobe Flash graphics of owls and virtually no real information at all.

It’s retarded how much power this woman has over pop culture.  Under her command, hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) of people will click around all over the internet, entering coordinates, deciphering word jumbles, and visiting official websites to see what she will say.  And here’s the thing – it wasn’t even a real announcement.  Her announcement was that there will be an announcement.  What must that be like?  I make announcements and people pretend like they didn’t hear me.

All of this mystery begs the question – what is she working on?  I’ve heard rumors about another theme park, more Potter installments, prequels, you name it.  These all seem pretty unlikely.  She has said herself that she would not do sequels or prequels (though anyone can change their mind).  A second theme park is probably the least likely option, being that the Pottermore name was registered in 2009, a solid year before the park in Orlando’s Universal Studios had even opened.

Being a gigantic fan of the books as I am, I have concluded that she will probably be releasing her exhaustive encyclopedia of the series, which she has talked about in interviews before.  Since most of the proceeds from her books these days go to charities, it would make sense that she would market it around next month’s release of the final film, to really get the buzz out to generate more funds.  According to the countdown posted on the official You Tube page, we will find out on Thursday!  Until then, we can only speculate.

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