Hero Express – Captain America Trailer, Cowboys & Aliens Featurette, and Cheadle talks War Machine

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This is the Hero Express for June 24, 2011:

New Captain America: The First Avenger Poster(Splashpage)

A new Cap poster debuted online featuring Evans in a very patriotic pose:

The new poster is most likely the build-up for the new trailer…

New Captain America: The First Avenger Trailer – (Hollywood Reporter)

And that brings us to the new trailer, which shows us some great footage of Steve Rogers pre-Super Soldier, and a good look at Hydra:

Very cool, I keep getting more and more excited for this movie. Every shield toss I see makes me happier, and then we get some great visuals and what actually looks to be a good plot that might turn into more than a typical origin story (Hear that Green Lantern? A good STORY!). That scene where skinny Steve jumps on the dud grenade, well that pretty much says it all. And I’m pretty sure they will only use that tagline in North America:

“Heroes…Are… Made…In… America…”

You can also check out a couple of set visits; Stars, Stripes and Shields, and How Chris Evans Found Steve Rogers(SplashPage)

Cowboys & Aliens Poster and Featurette – (Splashpage)

Here’s a new poster for Jon Favreau’s upcoming Cowboys & Aliens (one we can show you at least) featuring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford standing tall amidst clouds and lights and stuff:

And a ‘Look Inside’ at the movie:

Looks very cool, and I’m excited to see Harrison Ford pretty much combining Han Solo with Indiana Jones (an alien fighter with a cool hat, is what I’m getting at).

Don Cheadle talks The Avengers, Iron Man 3, and a War Machine spinoff (Splashpage)

Cheadle, who played Rhodey/War Machine in Iron Man 2, discussed his future as War Machine:

When asked by Collider about appearing in any more Marvel movies, Cheadle replied, “Well the Iron Man 3 is coming back. We’ll probably do that again in February and there’s talk of a War Machine spinoff, which I guess, unless I get recast, I would probably do.”

Cheadle likely brought up the possibility of being recast because he’d been cast to replace Terrence Howard, who played James Rhodes in the first “Iron Man” movie.

And while he didn’t say anything else about the possible “War Machine” spinoff, he did talk about “The Avengers.” Asked if he were in it, he said, “Not this one that they’re shooting right now. Thank god!”

It does sound as if he were initially supposed to be in it, because the actor went on, “Me being in ‘The Avengers’? I have a contract to be in ‘The Avengers’ but I’m glad they haven’t exercised that option yet. I need some down time.”

Really, Cheadle? You need some down time? 

I am glad that they aren’t including him in Avengers, as one guy in a suit of armor is enough for me (not to mention the budget on The Avengers) but I would totally be down for a War Machine movie, as long as it wasn’t just an Iron Man clone. Make him take on some Middle East threats or something like he did in his first solo series. That was when he earned the name War Machine.

And that’s it for todays Hero Express, a bit of a short one, but if I missed anything, you can check it out on the next Hero Express! Isn’t this grand? And stay tuned for the Amazing Spider-Man edition of the Hero Express, where we will cover the Spidey reboot in all it’s glory!

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