2 Roles Cast For Game of Thrones Season 2

Though there are still a ton of parts in Game of Thrones Season 2 (I hope they start calling it A Clash of Kings) to be cast such as Robert and Renly’s brother Stannis, and his ‘advisor’ Melisandre, two of them are indeed ready to go. The first, which I see as a very limited role for this season, is the sister of Loras Tyrell (The Knight of the Flowers) Margaery.

She will be portrayed by Natalie Dormer, who’s most notable role to date is that of Anne Boleyn in the Showtime series The Tudors. Dormer looks suited to play the role of the prim and proper Margaery… or is she so proper? Wait till season 2 to find out.

What a marvelous photoshop job by Dr. Kronner

The next role filled is by far the more interesting one, and quite a big part to fill at that (Pun intended). According to IGN, 6’3 tall Gwendoline Christie will play the part of ‘Brienne of Tarth’, a noble born woman who seeks to become a knight in Westeros where women aren’t normally accepted in that role.

She’s basically what Arya always wanted to become in a sense. And if you’re growning thinking that this is some sappy tale of woman’s struggle to be accepted then you’re sadly mistaken. Most of the guys in the series don’t agree with her pretending to be a warrior wearing armor, and many aren’t afraid to tell her. I think its best to clear up also that Gwendoline Christie is a model, and before book purists start freaking out may I remind of how unattractive they made Natalia Tena as Osha look in season 1.

I’m sure Brienne will be her normal unattractive self when the time comes. Read what George R.R. Martin had to say about the casting on his blog via IGN:

On his blog, Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin — a co-executive producer on the TV series — wrote about Christie’s casting, using the above photo as accompaniment.

Wrote Martin, “This was another one of those cases where there was hardly any debate. The day the first batch of auditions went up for the role, we looked at a dozen actresses who were reading for Brienne and one actress who WAS Brienne. Gwendoline gave a great reading, and her look was just perfect. No, when she auditioned, she did not look she does in the photo above. She came in looking… well, like Brienne.”

So hopefully we’ll know plenty more of the actors and actresses cast after Game of Thrones panel is unleashed at the San Diego Comic Con later this month. After all filming for season 2 is scheduled to start at the end of July, so definitely expect the floodgates to open!

What do all you GoT fans think of the casting decisions? Perfect or too minor to care?

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