Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 108 – Angel & Demons

Angel & Demons might sound like a sequel to the last episode which dealt with demonic possession, but that’s just not the case. No, episode 8 actually deals with a more human type of demon, the serial killer. DUN DUN DUH!

At the start of the episode we enter in on some good old-fashioned ‘Hooker Sex’. In the background, a soundtrack of news reports about a string of murders perpetrated by the ‘Grim Reaper’. When the ‘John’ leaves to room to take a phone call, we see a frightened working girl take off and escape the grasp of our suspected killer. He’s not overly pleased when he returns. Poor guy.

After this we meet Detectives Wright and Judson. So Wright has just been released from the psych ward and cleared for active duty, but Judson isn’t so sure about his partner.

At a local strip club our suspected killer eagerly watches the girls on stage, with a hunger in his eyes, like he was at an ‘All You Can Murder Buffet‘. Enter Angelica.

Makinna Ridgway, Femme Fatales

This timid, ‘new to the business’ girl is right off the bus from Smalltown USA. Quickly impressed by her new stock broker friend, she is warned to stay away from the man entering the club – Mr. Ryan. (You may remember him from The White Flower). The two of them decide to head back to his hotel. This seems totally on the up and up. As they’re leaving, we get a Lilith cameo. Our dutiful host is the club’s cigarette girl…

Tanit Phoenix, Femme Fatales

This is when we get some background on our cops. Wright has been on psych leave after having one of the Reaper’s victims die in her arms….

Ellie Cornell

Horror fans might remember Wright (Ellie Cornell) as ‘Rachel Carruthers’ from the 4th and 5th Halloween movies. Anyhow, after a heart to heart with the coppers, a tip comes in that someone matching the Reaper’s description has just left the club. Judson and Wright show up at the club to interview the witness – Lilith.

Mr. Ryan however has some things of his own to say. He wants his city cleaned up. This, along with the events from The White Flower tie together a string of episodes and give connection.

Tanit Phoenix, Femme Fatales, Ellie Cornell

Lilith then explains she overheard that they were headed to the ‘Excelsior’. Judson and Wright head out to investigate…

Makinna Ridgway, Femme FatalesMeanwhile, back at the Hotel, Angelica and her new Stock Broker are getting to know each other. As she dances for him, he whines incessantly about his ex, and tells Angelica that he brutally murdered said ex. Now has some not so pleasant intentions for Angelica as well.

However, unfortunately for the Stock Broker, the cops have just arrived downstairs, and worse yet – he is not the reaper, she is. And she shoots him in the dick.


When the cops get to the room, Judson tries to help the Stock Broker while Wright goes after the Angelica the Reaper. Still however believing the man upstairs guilty, Angelica is able to talk her way out of the lobby, duping Wright into thinking she is the sister of Gretta – the girl who died in Wright’s arms. That would then somehow justify the Reaper’s actions, you know like Batman, or Dexter. So with the doorman hostage, Angelica convinces Wright to let her go.

Makinna Ridgway, Femme Fatales

This turns out to only prove Wright shouldn’t have been on the job anyhow, as it turns out, Gretta didn’t have a sister. And the Stock Broker, he never killed anyone. The Ex-Girlfriend, she died in a car accident. OH SNAP. What a trickster. Next thing we know, Angelica is back, and this time, she’s with Mr. Ryan.

Makinna Ridgway, Femme Fatales

This marks the end for Mr. Ryan, so this episode must take place about the same time as The White Flower. You see, the appearance of his bodyguard – O’Brien seems to confuse things otherwise. O’Brien died in The White Flower, but appeared in here. So that let’s me to believe the events of that episode take place between the shooting of the Stock Broker, and the Reaper’s appearance in the wig above…

Nice switcheroo there, killing an established character, tricking the police, and letting Angelica get away with it all. Solid ending. And I have to say, I’m a big fan of Makinna Ridgway, so I hope “The Grim Reaper” pops back up in another episode…

Makinna Ridgway

I give the episode 2.5 bears on story, with a BONUS Bear for Makinna Ridgway for a total of 3.5 Bears!

4 thoughts on “Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 108 – Angel & Demons”

  1. wow,this girl looks exatly great on this kind of makeup,and lilith still sucks your eyeballs out with those smoothy OO


  2. (yawn) So for the one billionth time, a beautiful woman is somehow a serial killer, and she gets away with it. And also for the billionth time, the creators somehow think this is original. Pretty lame.


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