Scum of the Week – Maniac Honda Driver of Harlem

Okay, if you’re driving a “tricked out” Honda Pilot, then you’re already certified scum. Seriously just those words all put together are terrible. Tricked. Out. Honda. Pilot. Disgusting should be added onto that. So it’s bad enough if you’re the proud owner of a tricked out Honda Pilot, but it’s a hundred times worse if hit your wife with it and then kept going and proceeded to flip before getting on the highway. That’s just what some foolish Harlem resident did on Saturday. Talk about instant karma, this ass-faced moron was taking double doses after his craziness. Here’s an excerpt from the New York Daily News:

A maniac driver mowed down his wife in Midtown and then sped off, leaving her half-naked body in the street – and then later flipped his car on the Harlem River Drive, police said.

The 28-year-old driver was in serious condition at Harlem Hospital after he wrecked his tricked-out Honda Pilot near the on-ramp to the George Washington Bridge.

The 23-year-old victim, meanwhile, was in critical condition at Bellevue Hospital Saturday, hours after the wild 3 a.m. accident on W. 46th St.

Investigators are still piecing together what led to the chaotic scene, but witnesses said the victim was working at the El Tequilazo bar in the moments before she was injured.

She was sent flying after she was struck by the Honda –  which had a customized Superman theme on its front bumper and her husband behind the wheel, witnesses and police sources said.

Investigators could not say if the man deliberately ran over his wife, or if she fell after trying to hold onto the car.

Hopefully this idiot’s wife recovers from this and proceeds to divorce his prison-bound ass. And hopefully Mr. Honda will never be able to drive again once he recovers in the hospital.

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