2011 NBA Draft – Winners and Losers: 11-20

This is the 2nd part of our NBA Draft recap. If you missed the fist part, it can be found here: 2011 NBA Draft – Winners and Losers: 21-30


14th Pick – Marcus Morris (SF/PF, Kansas)
Most similar to:  Thaddeus Young/Score:  ***

If I’m going to compare how much of an impact this guy will make in the NBA, I will have to use other sets of twins.  He’s the Harvey of the Grant bros; the Robin of the Lopez bros; the Jarron of the Collins bros, the Stephen of the Graham bros. Compared to his brother, Markieff, he will be the weaker of the two where throughout college he was the more talented.

20th Pick – Donatus Motiejunas (C, Lithuania) Acquired via trade w/ Minnesota and Chicago
Most similar to:  Brad Lohaus/Score: *

38th Pick – Chandler Parsons Acquired via trade with Minnesota and Chicago 
Most similar to:  Adam Morrison/Score: *

Draft Day Trade:  After a couple swapping of draft picks with Minnesota and Chicago, the Rockets basically sent Brad Miller to Minnesota for Johnny Flynn.

Overall Grade:  C-  
If it weren’t for the fact that Morris will be a serviceable player in this league, the other moves that Houston made on draft night were horrible, and would’ve been overall in my bottom five.  Johnny Flynn is just another T.J. Ford in the making, well not even.


27th Pick – JaJuan Johnson (PF, Purdue) Acquired via trade w/ New Jersey
Most similar to:  Udonis Haslem/Score:  ***

55th Pick – E’Twaun Moore (SG, Purdue)
Most similar to:  Deshawn Stevenson/Score: ***

Draft Day Trade:  Sent 25th pick Marshon Brooks to New Jersey for 27th pick JaJuan Johnson and future second rounder

Overall Grade: C- 
The Purdue teammates will be together again most likely riding the bench in Boston.  Once Boston breaks up the core group, it’ll be nice to have these guys waiting for their turn.  Johnson could be more valuable than Moore since there are similar players in this league just like the guard.  These draft picks were more long-term and hopeful replacements to KG and Allen.  Ok, more like replacements to Big Baby and Delonte West.


28th Pick – Norris Cole (PG, Cleveland St.) Acquired via trade w/ Minnesota
Most similar to:  Robert Pack/Score: ***

Draft Day Trade:  Sent 31st pick Bojan Bogdanovic to Minnesota for Norris Cole

Overall Grade:  C 
Cole will be a nice back up point in this league.  With Mike Bibby’s poor playoff performance, don’t expect Miami to bring him back.  Mario Chalmers will start with Cole backing him up.  As mentioned above, you can compare Cole’s career to Rober Pack. (Look him up if you don’t know who he is).  If there’s guarantee that Cole will be rockin’ the flat top hair-do, then I would’ve moved this up to a C+.


24th Pick – Reggie Jackson (PG/SG; Boston College)
Most similar to:  Poor man’s O.J. Mayo/Score:  ***

Overall grade:  C 
If this was a different team that didn’t have a glutton of solid guards, Jackson could be of more benefit to that team.  Unfortunately, he’s playing behind Russell Westbrook, Thabo Sefolosha, James Harden, and Eric Maynor.  He will probably battle Maynor for backup point and there’s a good chance he will overtake him.  Kyle Singler would’ve been a better fit for this team though.


13th Pick – Markieff Morris (PF, Kansas)
Most similar to:  Drew Gooden/Score:  ***

Overall Grade:  C 
The other half of the twins.  Markieff is a warrior and that’s probably why he got drafted ahead of his brother Marcus.  The Suns can’t have four main bigs when you account Gortat, Lopez, and Frye though.  That third big will be situational and will be between Frye and Markieff.  The rookie will win this battle due to his interior hustle which Frye has none whatsoever.  Markieff adds more toughness to Phoenix but still not an offensive presence inside which is sorely needed.


21st Pick – Nolan Smith (PG/SG, Duke)
Most similar to:  Chris Duhon/Score:  **

51st Pick – John Diebler  (SG, Ohio State)
Most similar to:  Steve Kerr/Score:  **

Draft Day Trade:  Three team deal with Dallas and Denver.  Sent Rudy Fernandez to Dallas and Andre Miller to Denver for Raymond Felton

Overall Grade:  C+ 
Can you get any more bland with your draft picks?  Smith and Diebler will not do anything special for Portland.  One will be an insurance policy and the other being a 3pt specialist when needed.  I doubt Diebler will make the team though.  The real move was the trade for Raymond Felton.  Portland was able to get younger and more versatile at the point for about the same amount of money that Miller was making.  That’s a plus.


11th Pick – Klay Thompson (SG, Wash. State)
Most similar to: Kevin Martin/Score:  ****

If he continues to work on his jump shot, Thompson has the potential to be a terrific shooter in this league.  He’s still far from the Reggie Miller’s, the Ray Allen’s, the Dale Ellis’s but you definitely can’t leave him open.  He’ll need to get craftier in trying to get off a shot as this is a league where players can close in on you in a split second.

39th Pick – Jeremy Tyler (PF/C, Tokyo Apache) Acquired via trade w/ Charlotte
Most similar to: Nazr Mohammed/Score:  *

44th Pick – Charles Jenkins, SG, Hofstra
Most similar to: Willie Green/Score:  ***

Draft Day Trade:  Received 39th pick Jeremy Tyler for cash considerations

Overall Grade: B- 
I understand why Golden State drafted another guard with their lottery pick.  With talks about Monte Ellis possibly getting traded, Thompson could fill that void at shooting guard nicely.  The issue currently is can both Ellis and Stephen Curry co-exist as the starting backcourt?  Yes, Ellis is more talented than Thompson but Thompson has the ability to be more effective moving w/o the ball leaving Curry to be  to be the sole playmaker.  If Golden State decides to keep Ellis, then this will be one sweet three guard rotation. 


Draft Day Trade:  Three team deal with Portland and Denver. Sent No. 26 pick Jordan Hamilton to Denver and No. 57 pick Tanguay Ngombo to Portland for Portland’s Rudy Fernandez.

Overall Grade:  B-                                                                                                         Fernandez was offered a contract by Real Madrid just recently and he turned down the chance to be the highest paid player ever in the Spanish ACB league.  This was an excellent pick up for just draft picks.  Fernandez could take over for DeShawn Stevenson if he decides to sign with another team.  If Stevenson stays, that’s more depth at shooting guard.


19th Pick – Tobias Harris (SF, Tennessee) Acquired via trade w/ Charlotte and Sacramento
Most similar to:  Bonzi Wells/Score:  ***

40th Pick – Jon Leuer (PF, Wisconsin)
Most similar to:  Matt Bonner/Score:  **

Draft Day Trade:  Sent 10th pick Jimmer Fredette and John Salmons to Sacramento along with Corey Maggette to Charlotte for Stephen Jackson, Shaun Livingston, and 19th pick Tobias Harris from Charlotte along with Beno Udrih from Sacramento

Overall Grade:  B- 
Great trade for the Bucks bringing in more offensive punch and a vocal leader in Jackson.  Jackson gives this team an edge and is a Scott Skiles type of player.  He will still get his share of technicals but look for his presence to improve Jennings as a point guard.  Beno will be a nice change of pace back up point.  He actually reminds me of Scott Skiles in his playing days.  Look for Harris as well to step in and fill the loss of Salmons and Maggette.  It will be a slow process for him though but he will be forced to play that swingman role.  The Bucks will be a dangerous team next season especially if Bogut can remain healthy.

Stay tuned for the final top 10 teams…….

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