Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 109 – Help Me Rhonda

Things are really starting to come together for Cinemax’s anthology series. We’ve already seen episodes tied in with characters (Mr. Ryan: The White Flower/Angel & Demons), but the 9th episode Help Me Rhonda, has taken it to a whole other level, giving us our first real ‘prequel’ show. Now anyone who saw the show’s premiere (Behind Locked Doors) should remember the character of Camille (Ana Alexander) who was Lacey River’s cell mate and behind bars for the murder of her husband. This is her story…

At the start of the show, after Camille’s bath, she gets a visitor by the name of Molly. A woman she’s never met before, who is looking for Camille’s husband Eddie. Apparently Molly was supposed to pick something up from Eddie at the house, and what we soon find out, that’s never gonna happen.

This scene is works a couple of ways – for people who saw the premiere, we already know Eddie is dead and that is why Camille seems agitated. For Molly however, it must just seem Camille is covering for her dearly departed and that is why she’s acting rattled. Molly has no idea that Eddie is dead, but Camille’s demeanor still signals trouble…

Once Molly leaves and Camille gos back inside, we get our intro from Lilith:

“You all know Camille Gardner. A beautiful woman, who like so many go married too young, too soon. Well now she’s living a life she never imagined for herself. With an abusive husband and an aimless existence. Oh, and her world is about to get so much worse.”

So after the credits Camille goes out back to find her lover sunbathing…topless. That’s right, she’s cheating on Eddie with a woman. Now they seem pretty aloof here, not worried about getting caught, and that is because, as we already know, he is dead. However, for those who didn’t see Behind Locked Doors, they wouldn’t yet know Eddie was deceased.

After some naked time in the backyard, Camille needs another bath, and so does Rhonda (Crystal Allen – Anaconda III/Anaconda IV). It’s about this time we discover that Molly apparently has some sort of ‘Bath Radar’ because she shows back up while Camille is in the tub and interrupts yet another cleaning session…

Our protagonist heads downstairs in only her robe again, to once more answer the door. This time though, there is no one on the step. That’s because, they’re already inside. When Camille turns, she discovers Molly and 2 men in her living room.

Mr. Widmark (above) and his apparent boss Mr. McGraw reminded me a lot of The Last Boy Scout, with McGraw’s ‘Word of the Day’ – Which I loved.

So here is Camille, stalling for time, knowing her husband is dead and her lover is upstairs. Killers in her house and she is in nothing but a robe, this is like John McClane with no shoes! Anyhow, she is excused to the bathroom, with Molly as an escort and this is where the tides turn. It is revealed that Eddie was involved with some bad people and Molly is really an undercover copper…who banged the dearly departed Eddie.

When Mr. Widmark goes outside to investigate what appeared to be movement outside the window, he takes Camille with him. This gives her the opportunity she needs, and she stabs Widmark in leg with the weapons she smuggled out of the bathroom. A chase scene ensues…

Said chase however comes to a screeching halt when Molly emerges to save Camille and shoots Mr. Widmark in the back. It seems the day is saved until just seconds later when Rhonda finally shows up and sticks a pitchfork through Molly’s abdomen. Classic. There is no time to mourn Molly though, life is short and they still have Mr. Scrabble McGraw to deal with…

To this point, we still haven’t learned what happened to Eddie or what exactly McGraw wants. And we’re not gonna find exactly what Eddie was gonna deliver, but McGraw is about to find out exactly what happened to Eddie…

This realization becomes an expensive one for Robinson McGraw, as Camille will take the knife from Eddie’s chest and bury it in Robinson’s. Not though, until after a flashback that shows Eddie walk in on Camille and Rhonda making out in the kitchen and him getting violent. Violent enough that the girls stabbed him in defense. Shortly after McGraw’s death  there comes another knock at the door, turns out the house was bugged and the cops know everything. And guess who the cop with the unnecessarily bad accent is? LILITH!

Once it’s clear that she is busted and won’t be able to meet up with Rhonda at the motel, we come full circle back to the beginning of the season. Camille in jail, with Lacey.

Overall, descent episode. I like the connections and all, and I love watching Ana Alexander, I’ll give this one a 3/5.

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