Spartacus Season 2: Vengeance – Liam McIntyre In Action Pictures!

Even though I really wish Andy Whitfield could return to play the role that he owned as Spartacus, I will say one thing about his replacement Liam McIntyre – He looks a lot like Andy Whitfield.

Whether or not he is good as Spartacus remains to be seen, and we can only hope that there will be a trailer or teaser coming to us soon. But in the meantime, check out the pictures below for our first glimpse at the new Spartacus in his… gladiator underpants I guess you might call them.

All thanks to Entertainment Weekly for the pictures:


And now him owning some Romans!

I honestly can’t wait for January, when Spartacus: Vengeance will premiere. Spartacus and his fellow slaves are now on the run from the Roman Empire, which means there will be fighting at every turn and we’ll see the formation of the slave army that they raise, and hopefully Gannicus will soon be a part of it! And let’s not forget Lucy Lawless will be returning as Lucretia, and I can’t imagine she’s happy with Spartacus, Crixus and their merry band.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on the new pictures? Confidence instilling or are you skeptical until you see him on-screen?

Update – 9/11/11 : Breaking News – Andy Whitfield has passed away.

12 thoughts on “Spartacus Season 2: Vengeance – Liam McIntyre In Action Pictures!”

  1. fuck ,i don’t like him…but he still can prove his skills in the role…
    i think that everyone who watched andy whitfield in Blood&Sand want to see him in the new episodes …such a losT


  2. Oh what a loss. Some shows and actors can be replaced no biggie, happens a lot. This role seemed special, like you just can’t switch actors and still have the same fire. I guess it depends on Liam’s acting. The voice Andy had really got the women and the raw male was good for the guys. The pics don’t do Liams body any favors. I just hope he isn’t as thin as he looks.


  3. He kind of looks like Andy, not in the close ups though. But Andy Whitfield was more than just the actor who played Sparatacus, he was Spartacus! and it will never be the same without him.
    Not so exited to see the new season anymore!

    Andy rest in peace, you will always be remembered!!


  4. Well, considering “Spartacus” was Whitfield’s last acting project, I’m not gonna just stop watching it because of his passing. I’m gonna watch it in his honor; it’s a show Andy put alot of effort into, and I’m not gonna disregard it just because Starz recast his role. I gotta give this McIntyre a chance– I’m sure it’s what Andy would have wanted. R.I.P.


  5. It’s a shame that people are so narrow minded. We all loved Andy in this role, but he is not the first nor will he be the last to play Spartacus. I will give Liam a chance. Andy approved of his replacement and I will honor his choice by watching the upcoming season. If you don’t want to watch, then you are no great loss to those of us who will.


  6. WOW!!! I think McIntyre is perfect to play the role for Andy. He almost looks exactly like him. I’m glad they brought Spartacus back. Thx!!! :)


  7. ola! caros amigos a série aqui no brasil chegou como um febre e adoramos também ficamos triste pela morte de Andy Whitfield, mais como dizemos aqui A VIDA CONTINUA uma saudação a todos ai ! sou um humilde fãn da série e espero que continue assim com bastante ação


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