Entourage: Season 8, Episode 1 – “Home Sweet Home”

Well, this is it. Entourage’s last season so you had better enjoy the crew and their last hurrah! The season starts with Vince being 90 days sober and Eric/Sloan still in the final throes of a breakup. Drama and Turtle are busy at the house and making it completely drug free and in true Drama fashion Johnny is even throwing out the Advil.

Amidst the throng of fans and media gathered to watch Vince be released, Drama, Turtle, Ari, Scott and Eric all show up to pick him up for lunch afterwards with nothing but work lined up for him. Vince has his own ideas for a movie, which as he goes to the restroom, everyone at the table can’t believe. Ari is right, a story about a Romanian guy and his dog searching for survivors in a mine does sound like a Lifetime movie.

It was great watching everyone watching Vince and asking where he is going like he’s a piece of glass. After Vince mentions a party or something exciting to do since being out of rehab the guys agree to arrange something while he rests up. Drama announces that it will be a sober party to which they invite Billy Walsh who brings a plethora of the hottest sober chicks I have ever seen.

Ari shows up to the dry party after a very unpleasant visit to his estranged house and estranged wife. Mrs. Ari as it turns out has been seeing someone else and Ari doesn’t take that too well.

Basically this episode falls victim to the same thing that most bad episodes of Entourage do: Nothing happens. I understand it was more of a wrap up episode to tie up loose ends from last season. Vince proves that he is fine and does not need to be coddled by everyone and Turtle accidently sets the house on fire. By the end the air has been cleared between Vince and everybody else as he sees the burning house as a clean start…. which is good because this last season really needs to get rolling. I give the episode a 2 out of 5 bears, just because I was able to see some footage of Johnny Bananas. That needs to be on the air for real!

It was intriguing to see them hiding all the alcohol and drugs from Vince when Eric was addicted to using his phone to call Sloan, Turtle just wanted his cigarettes and Ari was needing that drink. Good job guys….

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