Breaking Bad: Season 4, Epidsode 2 – “38 Snub” Review

After last week’s near perfect premiere, a normal decline can be expected as they now have the task rebuilding the excitement and tension for this season. So while tonight’s episode was by no means as good as last weeks, I wasn’t the least bit disappointed.

As the episode starts, Walt has decided to take matters into his own hands by buying a gun from his friendly local black market weapons dealer, played by my boy Ellsworth from Deadwood. He chooses a 38 special, snub nose – hence the title.  Jessie is headed down another path entirely, having apparently already accepted his inevitable . He has chosen to live out his last days among friends and squander the money he believes he won’t be around long enough to spend. Jessie and Walt seem to be heading down the same road, but in total opposite directions.

Hank on the other hand is wallowing in a pool of self-pity and resentment – directed at Marie. The more she helps him the further apart they grow, and the weaker Hank feels. His manhood once again challenged. And as Hank feels weaker, Skyler gets bolder. She attempts to buy out the car wash and gets denied as a result of Walt’s Season 1 crotch grab.

So as Jessie parties his life away and surrounds himself with friends, Walt decides to pay a visit to Gus’ house, but finds himself less crafty than he believed when his cell phone rings and warns him home.

This results in Walt later following Mike to a bar where they have an interesting conversation about their boss and Walt’s desire to kill him. Mike then proceeds the beat the shit out of Walt, though it’s obvious that eventually Mike will play a major part in Walt’s survival.

The episode ends with Walt on the ground and Jessie alone. Both looking as defeated as possible. This is like the ‘Empire Strikes Back‘ with Mike as Vader and Pinkman being on his own like Solo. Too flimsy? Ok, how about this – for the next couple of episodes I predict things do nothing but get worse for our favorite drug dealers and cripples.

I truly believe that Breaking Bad is by far the best show on AMC, and that’s saying something. And though this episode wasn’t as good as the last one, it’s still worthy of a 4.

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