WWE Monday Night Raw Recap & Review: July 25th, 2011

Tonight’s episode of Raw is scheduled to start with the WWE championship match, however something about starting the night with a title match doesn’t seem quite right, so I’m sure we can expect some surprises in this one.


The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio (WWE title on the line)

As Raw begins Rey Mysterio’s music  hits and he comes out to the ring, head butting all the little kids with masks on in the front row as usual. It’s pretty sad that I’ll be disappointed if either one of these two clowns wins the WWE championship. The match begins with a few lock ups but nothing too exciting to start the bout. Once the match gets started the Miz begins taking control, and Michael Cole is loving everything about the Miz like usual. Raw cuts to a commercial break but when it comes back on the air we see the Miz go for a pinfall but doesn’t get the three count. Mysterio begins to gain some momentum but not before Miz counters and gets another close pinfall. I will admit the intensity inside the arena is pretty awesome, it is definitely way louder than usual. Mysterio hits the 619 and gets the pinfall victory to win the WWE championship!

After the match the Miz attacks Mysterio from behind, and as soon as he is done, Alberto Del Rio comes out with his money in the bank  suitcase. However before he could get the match to start Rey Mysterio hit Alberto with a cross body from the top rope.

Commercial Break…

When Raw returns we see Rey celebrating in the back with the rest of WWE locker room and John Cena comes up and shakes his hand, congratulating him on the title win.

Commercial Break…

Dolph Ziggler vs. (My boy) Evan Bourne

Evan Bourne hits Ziggler with a drop kick, but his control of the match is quickly taken away by Ziggler. Vicki and her annoying voice won’t shut up as usual and it’s very hard to concentrate on the match. Side note: I would love to see Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio have a match against each other. Bourne begins landing a few more drop kicks and gets a bit more offense going. Bourne’s luck is about to run out as Ziggler gets Bourne in a sleeper hold to end the match. As annoying as Vicki is, I am extremely impressed with Ziggler, and really do feel like if he gets rid of Vicki as his side kick (or whatever she is) he could be an entertaining WWE champion.

Commercial Break…

Eve and the Bellas are arguing back stage when Keith Stone himself interrupts and pulls some smooth moves.

Maryse and Melina vs. Kelly Kelly and Eve

Maryse is getting destroyed by Eve, but begins to retake control soon after. Maryse then delivers a stink face to Eve in the corner (Not nearly as awesome as when Kelly Kelly does it, but still pretty good).

Melina gets tagged into the match and so does Kelly Kelly, who begins to dominate Melina. Kelly Kelly hits her finishing move and gets the three count.

Commercial Break…

Triple H begins making his way out to the ring to give the State of the WWE Address. He begins by praising Vince McMahon, and saying thank you to Vince for all he has done for the business. Triple H then announces that there will be a second championship match tonight between John Cena and the new WWE champion Rey Mysterio. Triple H then announces that “Good Ole” Jim Ross has been resigned to Raw. JR then makes his way out to the ring to shake Triple H’s hand then heads to the announce table. Michael Cole then grabs a mic and tells HHH that he refuses to work with Jim Ross. Triple H then says that if Cole leaves he would be in violation of his contract. Triple H then says that Cole has a match next, and he must wear the wrestling gear that Triple H has picked out for him.

Right after all of this, R-Truth walks out to the ring and begins talking conspiracy again. He then asks Triple H what he is going to do about the conspiracy against him. After Triple H makes fun of him, R-truth walks out, and Triple H then tells R-Truth that he resigned John Morrison, who then comes out and attacks R-Truth. Morrison hits R-Truth with the “star ship pain.”

Commercial Break…

Michael Cole vs. Zack Ryder 

Michael Cole comes out where Triple H attire, he even does the water spit. Zack Ryder hits his finishing move right off the bat and gets the pin fall and the match is over. After weeks of CM Punk complaining about Zack Ryder not being put on Raw, he finally gets his first match and only gets to show one of his moves. I really wanted to see more of this guys wrestling ability.

Commercial Break…

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston

Kingston begins the match by making Del Rio look stupid in the ring with him. I’m thoroughly entertained by this guy. When Raw comes back from the commercial break Del Rio is actually in control inside the ring again. Kingston almost wins with a cross body from the top rope. Del Rio begins to target the injured arm of Kingston and gets a close pinfall himself. Del Rio then continues to target the arm and forces Kingston to tap to a cross arm bar. 

Commercial Break…

Rey Mysterio vs. John Cena (WWE Championship Match)

I am very surprised that John Cena got the reception from the crowd that he gets, especially after everybody loved Mysterio in the first match of the night. Rey Mysterio begins the match trying to wear John Cena down with a few headlocks. And the “Let’s go Cena/ Cena Sucks” chants have begun loud and clear inside the arena. I don’t see how the WWE can keep Rey Mysterio as an entertaining champion. We have all seen everything he has to offer and it isn’t enough to capture any long lasting attention from the WWE universe. With that being said I think if Rey wins the match tonight, it wont be long until he loses the belt. Back to the match, it’s fairly back and forth. Cena blocks the 619 and slams Mysterio onto the mat. If I had to score this match, I’d say Mysterio is probably getting the better of Cena in the main event. Mysterio actually locks John Cena in the STFU, and Cena begins to stand up. Mysterio hits the 619, but Cena counters the body drop from the top rope. As Mysterio goes for a second 619, Cena grabs the legs of Mysterio and hits him with the Attitude adjustment and gets the win!

As the match ends, John Cena is in the middle of the ring, when an unfamiliar music hits the arena. John Cena begins to look around, and as the camera pans over to the entrance way we see none other than………..CM Punk come walking down to the ring with his championship belt around his waste. The crowd begins to go crazy and when Punk reaches the ring Cena lifts his belt up in the air as the crowd begins to cheer. However, CM Punk does the same with his belt but gets a standing ovation from the crowd when he does. Clearly CM Punk is back, and I think we all know who the crowd favorite is.

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One thought on “WWE Monday Night Raw Recap & Review: July 25th, 2011”

  1. I’d also like to note for anybody who is interested in what the unfamiliar music was, it was the song “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour.

    Also, according to sources who were at the live event tonight, when Raw went off the air, CM Punk grabbed the mic and yelled out, “I’m Baaack!” So I think for those who have been wondering for the past week, if we’d see CM Punk again, we may have gotten our answer tonight.

    I’m really entertained by this storyline as well. I see a match in the near future for the “undisputed” WWE champion between John Cena and CM Punk.


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