Entourage: Season 8, Episode 3 – “One Last Shot”

The episodes keep picking up, especially in the Drama/Dice department. It’s probably best to start off with Turtle since he’s really the most useless character this season. He basically gets pushed out of the liquor business, relegated to just collecting a ton of money as a stockholder instead of doing all of the leg work with distribution. Turtle of course wants to work and ends up selling his and Vince’s stock so they can invest in opening a restaurant. And by the way Alex breaks up with Turtle. Moving on…

Hurr Durr Durr

The best part of the episode is the drama that happens with… Drama. I will take this opportunity to say that William Fichtner is one of the most underrated actors out there. He gets relatively small roles but nails them with precision everytime. His role as Phil on Entourage is no exception. After Drama and Dice try to overreach, Phil let’s Eric know that it’s not going to happen when Johnny Bananas hasn’t even premiered yet and basically says the whole thing is not happening unless the two lead voice actors fall in line. Eric and Drama go to see Dice who has fallen so far in his celebrity status that he refuses to let anyone else “f–k” him and won’t back down. In the end they move forward without Dice towards an uncertain future.

Ari is out and trying to get back into the dating game in an effort to forget about his troubles with Mrs. Ari Gold and finally makes it happen in the end. It was kind of a bummer to not see much happening with him and this is most definitely the least we’ve seen of Lloyd in a season. It seems like we’ll get a bit more as he dines with his new lady at Mrs. Ari’s new boyfriend’s restaurant.

Vince is moving forward with Johnny’s movie role, working with fellow NA member Carl Ertz, a douche you may remember the 2008 episode ‘Fantasy Island’. Everyone else disapproves of course, but Vince who is very forgiving since rehab wants to give Carl a chance. All does not go well as at the end of the episode Carl relapses and then kills himself leaving Vince and Turtle there at the scene. Next episode will show us what kind of spot this puts Vince in and I can’t wait.

I give the episode 4 out of 5 bears because it is really picking up speed now. With only five more episodes I think we’ll make it to a real proper send off for the boys!

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