Breaking Bad: Season 4, Epidsode 5 – “Shotgun” Review

Well last week left off with Pinkman in the car with Mike and the intentions of the drive not entirely clear. This week we start off with Walt tearing ass in his ugly Pontiac Aztek like it’s a Jason Statham movie or something, jumping curbs, weaving though traffic and making frantic phone calls. Determined to impose his will on Gus and find Jessie. This brings Walt to Los Pollos Hermanos where he insists on talking to the proprietor, which he does not get to do.

As it turns out Jessie isn’t being taken out to a ditch, but instead with Mike to make pickup of cash. An idea that came from Gus and one that turns out to have a very specific focus. On the last stop Jessie stops to men whom he believed to be making a play for the money. As fate would have it, or at least as Gus would have it, the men were plants and the focus of the whole day was to create some self-worth for Pinkman. And it works.

On the outside of the business, Walt and Skyler finalize the deal to buy the car wash and then bang. After the passionate bang session, Skyler suggests Walt move back in, an idea he no longer seems so keen on.

“Uh, yeah Baby, that was some good sexing and all…but – uh – I don’t know about this moving in stuff….”

Later at dinner, Walt and his fragile ego talk Hank out of believing Gale was Hisenberg, which prompts Hank to delve back into the case. This could be bad news for Gus, and maybe even the beginning of the end for Walt…

Overall, good episode. This should pull Jessie out of his funk, and promises more interaction between him and Mike – which is always good. If I had a complaint it’d be no Saul, but otherwise real good. I love the camera work at the beginning when Walt is driving, and obviously when Jessie is waiting with the car. Just brilliant.

3.5 / 5 Bears. 

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