Batman: Arkham City – Mr. Freeze Trailer, and Pre-Order Costumes Revealed!

Arkham Two Face

Back when Batman: Arkham Asylum came out, I remember the series of trailers that teased all the villains featured n that game, and the excitement it caused. The game was no disappointment and on the eve of the sequel, Batman: Arkham City, we are being hit with another barrage of villain trailers.

First we got to see Joker and Harley along with quick glimpses of Two-Face. That’s 2 major villains there (I’m lumping Harley in with Joker). Next we saw a brief trailer at the VGA’s that featured a very sinister Hugo Strange. That’s 3.

The next trailer may or may not have revealed the character of Black Mask being beat on by some cops, and has been hinted in various trailers (The city features a Sionis Pharmaceuticals building, which is Black Mask’s true identity) so that’s 4. You can check out all of those trailers here.

Arkham Riddler

There was also a trailer for Catwoman, but I’m not including her in the list of villains as we can clearly see that she is assisting Batman and at least opposed to Two-Face, who seems to capture her in the opening bit of the game. You can check out that gameplay footage here, as well as some shots of the pre-order/downloadable Robin featured in the challenge packs.

Then we saw a Riddler trailer, which was creepy and full of clues. Riddler had been involved behind-the-scenes of the first game, but was primed to play an even larger role in Arkham City. That’s villain #5. I don’t think we’ve shown that trailer before so here it is with an analysis of some of the clues, just in case we missed it.

I’m kind of confused, and know that I wouldn’t have figured anything out from that trailer except it looks like a sequel to A Beautiful Mind. Or not, I’ve actually never seen that movie.  It’s a cool look at an attempt at viral marketing and getting the viewers involved early.

Next up was a trailer featuring the Penguin, who had also been previously hinted at with the inclusion of the Iceberg Lounge among the city. You can watch the trailer here, which also showed us Solomon Grundy and Talia al Ghul as well.  So that’s 6, 7, and 8. 8 Villains!

Courtesy of Gotham Knights Online

Through some pictures released it appears that Bane is also in the game, possibly working with Batman, however temporary that may be. So that’s #10, depending how you look at Bane’s involvement. You’s think that would be enough, but another trailer was recently released showcasing another villain. Mr. Freeze. Mr. Freeze was a hidden item in the first game, and you ahd to find his frozen cell with what looked like a human inside, but that was about it. I’m pumped for his involvement in the game, especially since it seems like you have to incorporate your stealth abilities in the boss battle.

So that brings the total villains featured in the game up to 11, give or take 1 or 2. But there’s one other thing that this game has an overabundance of. The Costumes. In Arkham Asylum you were rewarded with an armored Bat suit after passing the game, but that was it. This does not seem to be the case with Arkham City.

Depending on where you pre-order the game (although I’m sure all will be DLC eventually) you get a specialty skin to play as in the game. You can check them all out here, courtesy of G4TV:

From R to L: Batman Beyond, The Dark Knight Returns, Earth One, Classic ’70s, The Animated Series, and the Arkham City version

All the costumes look great, and I can imagine a totally different version of the game playing in my head if I wore the Dark Knight Returns costume. Or the Animated Series costume. Everything switches if your a fan of these different versions of the Batman. I wish this was like the old days of gaming and you had to find all the costumes in game, but now you have to buy it from a certain place. Stupid. They better rush these into DLC so I can get my play on.

The wait until October seems like forever, and at this point I don’t want to see anything else from the game. Leave it right where it is, with the tantalizing trailers behind us, and nothing left but the waiting. As much as I hate to wait, the payoff will be that much sweeter. Or I’ve got this pegged all wrong.

Courtesy of Gotham Knights Online

I don’t think so.

Batman: Arkham City drops onto punks shelves Oct. 18, 2011. Or you can pre-order it from a number of stores and get a nifty costume. And speaking of the pre-order, there is also a ‘Collector’s Edition’ available for $40 more…

GAMESTOP: Includes Custom Batman statue produced by Kotobukiya, Collectible art book, Early access to the Iceberg Lounge Challenge Map, and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns skin. Also ‘Batman: Arkham City’ album from WaterTower Music including original songs by hit artists, available via digital redemption Bonus DC Universe animated original movie, Batman: Gotham Knight, and Four collectible cards.

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