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Gotham: 1.04 – “Arkham”

Coming off the announcement that FOX has extended Gotham to a full 22-episode order, we seem to be gaining some focus. After a bit of a jumbled pilot, and a couple weeks of worth of oddball villains, Gotham‘s forth episode dove further into impending gang war.

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The Griz Bin: Crazy Superhero Origins, Batman & Robin One-Liners & Inappropiate Toys

Here we are again with another look at the Griz Bin.

New Lego Arkham Asylum Set Announced – If you like Lego and Batman you’ll love this neat looking enormous new 1351 piece set. It also includes 8 minifigs – including Batman, Robin and The Joker. [Comics Alliance]

7 Completely Insane Golden And Silver Age Superhero OriginsIncluding Mr. Satan and The Zebra. These are definitely bat shit crazy. Perhaps you know of more bonkers ones. [Topless Robot]

Las Vegas Comic Expo 2012 Cosplay PicturesOk, so they’re not all comic book related but they do include Batman, Batgirl, Bane, Black Widow and even a great Lady Rocketeer. [Geeks Are Sexy]

Batman Fan ArtA plethora…a gaggle…a flock…a…what is the collective noun for a group of Batmans…Batmen…I give up. [Project: Rooftop]

The Ten Worst One Liners From Batman And RobinStaying with Batman here is 10 truly terrible one liners from the most terrible Batman film ever. [Comics Should Be Good!]

DC vs Marvel At The Box OfficeSticking with films, here is an infographic looking at the U.S. box office performance of DC and Marvel over the last 50 years. Who will lose? Considering both Batman And Robin and Catwoman are on this list, I think we do. [Fancy Dress Costumes]

Weird And Inappropriate ToysA look at some of the toys that really should have never have escaped. Including the infamous Wolverine inflatable hammer. [io9]

Probably The Greatest Wonder Woman Panel In Comic HistoryThis is just…fantastic. [io9]

Avengers PugsAnd finally, here are 4 pugs cosplaying as the Avengers. They are so cute it’s unbelievable. [Gamma Squad]

‘Arkham City’ Sequel is Actually a Prequel?

The epic, geek manga carta I had in my pants for the inevitable sequel to the bestselling Arkham City video game released late last year has just taken a nose dive upon hearing the most recent plans Rocksteady Games has for the franchise. Trust me, it doesn’t start off bad at all. First we are told that (It’s still rumor mind you) the game will in fact be a prequel to Arkham Asylum, so that’s fine right? Maybe a lead up to the first game showing Batman clobbering the various members of the rogues gallery and sending them one by one to Arkham, the whole thing ending with Batman capturing the Joker and leading right up to the beginning of the first game. Sounds great right? But apparently they’re going in a whole new direction.

According to a video at IGN, Rocksteady is furthering this new direction by having the game take place during the Silver Age of DC… Silver Age meaning the flashier costumes and ridiculous storylines like Batman traveling through space and stopping the most asinine schemes that his foes can throw at him. I’m having some trouble understanding how they go from the dark grittiness of the Arkham games into the fluffy and bygone era of the Silver Age. I hope this is one rumor that doesn’t come true. They also report that members of the Justice League will show up and the game will involve the Justice League being formed. Why not just sever all ties completely with the Arkham games then? Don’t even call it a prequel. If Warner Bros. and DC are wanting to start showing off the Justice League before their much-anticipated movie (supposedly due in 2015) then why not do a game focusing only on them? And this isn’t even the worst of it.

Paul Dini, the writer of the past two Arkham games and Batman: The Animated Series from the early 90’s will not be returning for this prequel game. To me Dini and the group of voice actors from the animated show, along with the newcomers completely owned the Batman scene. The voices and story all fit perfect, having the same amount of dark edginess to it that I remember from Batman: The Animated Series that I watched as a youngster. I watched the show and felt a sense of wonderment because so much of the show’s subject matter leaned towards being more dark and adult themed. Paul Dini will be deeply missed and hopefully won’t have to watch the franchise completely go down the crapper.

What do all of our Bat-Fans think? Excited for this so-called prequel or is it too soon to pass judgment? Sound off below!

CCI 2012: Exclusive Figures Round Up

Comic Con is always an awesome time for us fan boys and girls. The smell of new comics on a mornings day, the greasepaint on some guy’s face who’s dressed as the Joker, and exclusive action figures.

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Graphic Novel Review: Cages by Dave McKean

You may well know the artwork of Dave McKean without even realizing it. He has been leaned on heavily by Neil Gaiman in helping create the fantastical world of Sandman. You know those crazy Sandman covers that are part diorama, part painting and all cool? That’s Dave McKean. When you open a Sandman and the characters border on the edge of chaos as they vary between a mass on lines and a multicolored kaleidoscope of mayhem? That’s Dave McKean. He’s the man who made the maniacal Joker of Arkham Asylum, created the whimsical world of The Big Fat Duck Cookbook and again worked with Gaiman to bring Mirror Mask to the big screen. I guess it should come as no surprise that he has a talent for storytelling as well.

Enter Cages, a series that is by no means new but, if it flew under your radar as it had mine, is completely worth the time and effort. The series was originally published by Tundra and Kitchen Sink Press in the early 90’s, had a hardcover edition printed in 1998 and was re-released in a softcover collection by Dark Horse Books in 2010. Cages is a bleak and dark world inside which the characters struggle with inspiration, motivation and their collective grasp on reality. The pages are mostly bereft of color except for a couple of narrative dream-like segments and instead rely on harsh black lines and a grey/blue tinge to color their world. Cages‘ world is populated by a group of characters living in an apartment building each participating in their own struggle, each dealing with their own personal cage as it were. The main protagonist is an artist who is struggling for inspiration to create his next great piece of art.

As the novel progresses he encounters the other oddball members of his building and their lives intertwine as we discover each persons story. Above him is the Jazz musician/poet who crafts musical stones and blows away the local bar regulars with his unearthly performances. Below him is a renowned author who is hiding from the public because of the scandalously blasphemous nature of his last novel. Across from him is an alluring woman whom he sketches as she lounges on her patio and eventually becomes the subject of his artistic ruminations. Elsewhere in the building is an elderly woman who has delusional conversations with her parrot as she waits for her husband to return from his five-year absence. Threading them all together as a silent observer and sometimes participant is a black cat who seems to have an almost human intelligence.

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