The BATMAN Alphabet

Yesterday Gamma Squad posted their ‘Star Wars’ Alphabet game, and it looked fun. So we’re gonna do something similar…with Batman. Below, listed from A to Z is 26 Batman related characters whose names corespond with the letter they represent.

Try to figure them out before scrolling down to the answers and let us know how you did in the comment section.


And the answers are…




Dr. Amadeus Arkham: Founder of the famous ‘Arkham Asylum’.
Bob the Goon: Joker’s #1 Guy in Tim Burton’s BATMAN (1989).
Clayface: One of Gotham’s earliest serial killers, debuting in 1940.
Harvey Dent: Gotham’s Most famous District Attorney turns Super Criminal.
Egghead: Created for 1960s TV show, the character was made for Vincent Price.
Lucius Fox: CEO of Wayne Enterprises.
Garfield Lynns: A regular on Gotham’s Most Wanted list, better known as ‘Firefly’.
Harold Allnut: Batman’s trusty engineer and the resident mechanic of the Batcave.
Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy: Among the most famous of the Rouges Gallery.
James Gordon: Perhaps Batman’s Best Friend and best real ally.
Kate Kane: Better known as ‘Batwoman’, she is Gotham’s first openly gay hero.
Lazlo Valentine: Professor Pyg, perhaps the best new villian of the last decade.
Mad Hatter: Jervis Tecth has a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Lewis Carroll…
Edward Nigma: Better known as The Riddler, this ex-villain is now a P.I.
Oswalt Cobblepot: ‘The Penguin’ was portrayed by Danny Devito in Batman Returns.
Alfred Pennyworth: Butler, Doctor, Cook. He is the man behind Wayne Manor.
Harleen F. Quinzel: The Joker’s love sick girlfriend was once a doctor at Arkham.
Roman Sionis: The real name of the original ‘Black Mask’.
Scarface: Arnold Wesker’s wooden boss, the most violent Dummy in comics. 
Talia al Ghul: The daughter of Ras al Ghul and mother to Bruce Wayne’s son.
Ubu: Sticking with the al Ghuls, this is Ras’ bodygaurd.
Victor Fries: Mr. Freeze, killed by the Joker, was brought back cause of the cartoon. 
Waylon Jones: Killer Croc debuted in Detective Comics back in 1983.
Dr. Double X: If you got this one, I’m super impressed, he’s a shitty 1950s villain.
Yvonne Craig: She was the original Batgirl on the 1960 TV show.
Maxie Zues: King of the Jobbers.

So there they are, how’d you do?

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