DC Comics Review: Detective Comics #1 – New 52!

The new #1 of Detective Comics is off to a dark and gritty start, because you know, that tends to happen when the Joker is involved. In this issue we have Batman on the trail of the Joker in a string of murders that is more intricate and twisted than he thinks. Is it really the Joker or something more that the Joker is playing along with in his own sick and twisted way? You’ll have to read the issue to find out because I’m trying to minimize the spoilers in these reviews.

Only the first in a slew of new #1 Batman comics, Detective really hits the mark with the one man writing and art team of Tony S. Daniel, with extra props to his ink man Ryan Winn. Daniel did a great job of capturing the essence of Gotham City which is many times a hit or miss situation due to so many titles taking place in our beloved hell hole. Daniel has no problem because he has already tread this territory, working a lot with Grant Morrison on the dark knight and some issues by himself in Batman.

Daniel Joker art from Batman RIP

This doesn’t seem to be the Gotham City we know before Flashpoint and the new 52 reboot: The cops are mistrustful of Batman except for Jim Gordon who has red hair and not the trademark white/gray. There’s a Dr. Arkham in charge at the Asylum, when the last one I remember was dethroned as the new Black Mask. However Mayor Hady is still the mayor in the comic book and running for re-election, so that means it’s not taking place before the last year’s continuity or Jimbo is using hair dye. Bullock however is still a tubby slob.

Overall I give the issue a 3 out of 5 bears. It was intriguing enough to make me want to buy issue #2 and see what this Dollmaker person is all about, but it lacked the punch an issue #1 should have had, especially one dealing with Batman. I have faith that Daniel can at least give us a good overall story arc but I’ll reserve final judgment until we have the whole thing laid out.

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