Asimov’s ‘Foundation Trilogy’ Coming to the Big Screen

You should know Isaac Asimov as a fundamental part of all science fiction. His ‘three laws of robotics’ have pretty much defined the genre’s depiction of robots ever since. He’s known as one of the “big three” science fiction authors and he’s basically had an influential role in every android, automaton, and metal man you know and love. On top of being one of the most prolific writers ever, he’s credited with writing arguably the best science fiction short story of all time.

Anyway, if you’re not so much into sci-fi literature, you might have heard Asimov’s name attached to mediocrity-fests like I, Robot. Just let it be known that the original short story is very different and very much better. Asimov’s had a few of his works adapted into unfaithful movies that blandly miss the point, but Gamma Squad’s got word that Hollywood’s giving it another go, this time with the Foundation trilogy. Three books that make up the major storyline of a vast saga Asimov added to and compiled throughout his writing career.

 In case you Asimov fans were crossing your fingers and mouthing prayers to the sci-fi Gods, you should know the series is set to be written by relative newcomer Dante Harper and directed by Roland “Make Things Go Boom-Boom” Emmerich, so the beloved and iconic stories so cherished in the genre will likely be handled with the care and subtlety of a propeller plane dodging an exploding Los Angeles.

Above: Subtlety

Fox has also recently greenlit Asimov’s The Caves of Steel, so now would be a good time to hit the library and read these books before they go the way of Bicentennial Man. Unless you’ve already read them, in which case now would be a good time to cry.

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