Review: ‘Ringer’ Episode 4 – “It’s Gonna Kill Me, But I’ll Do It”

Happy Tuesday, faithful readers!  The plot thickens and the story unravels this week on Ringer; and Buffy slays me again.  If you remember, I had some harsh critiques on the show when it premiered.  I wasn’t sure Sarah Michelle Gellar had the chops to carry her Sister Act; and equally feared that the writing would lack originality and interest.  While I’m still not entirely convinced that the show will go the distance, and I’m not holding my breath for any serious awards, I will say that it holds my attention for one hour per week.  Which is more than I can say for most things.  Or people.

If you haven’t turned that dial over to the CW for this week’s episode, proceed with caution.  I’ve littered this article with SPOILERS.

This week, we were given a lot of background on both Bridget and Siobhan.  It is the twins’ birthday, and through the characters’ eyes, we are able to see some past birthdays that the sisters have had.  We are given a real glimpse into their childhood, in which their family was apparently poor.  This may explain Bridget’s turn to drugs and prostitution, and Siobhan’s ability to marry for money and security rather than love.  We also see another scene where Bridget is a wasted human being and Siobhan, clearly the more together twin in these flashbacks, has had enough of her depraved ways.

We are also given a first look at the relationship between Siobhan and Henry, the classic tale of sleeping with the BFF’s husband.  While their relationship was wrong and twisted, they clearly were in love; probably drawn together by their shared interest in shameless gold digging.

 Of course, Gemma finds out about the affair.  Damn, that “listening at the door” trick gets ’em every time!  And it’s a great time-saver to move along the plot.  A truly inspired choice by the writing dream team.  Anywho, of course this is going to blow up majorly.  Especially since SHE TOLD GEMMA SHE WAS FREAKING BRIDGET.

Gemma slap the shit out of SMG: “That’s for sleeping with my husband you WHORE!”

You know, it’s been a really long time since I’ve stolen the identity of my thought-to-be dead twin sister, so I may be a little out of my element here – But why oh why, after spending all that time and effort to keep up this facade of being Siobhan, would anyone spill the beans that easily?  Maybe she’s just really pissed that anyone would think she would sleep with a married man (LIKE ANDREW).  Maybe she can’t take the pressure anymore, and she thinks her and Gemma are like new BFF’s, and Gemma will just say:

“So you’re my dead, lying, cheating ex-best friend’s identical twin sister who’s been pretending to be someone else this whole time to hide from the cops! No biggie! Let’s go paint our toenails and watch Dirty Dancing!”

That’s the thing that makes her so incredibly stupid.  She’s trusting these people when they have no idea who she is.  It’s not like blowing her cover will just turn into a funny anecdote to tell at dinner parties, she’s running from serious jail time.  The last person in the world you should trust a major secret to is a woman who just found out you’re a liar, from a family of liars that sleep with her husband.

Also, let’s touch on ‘Paris Siobhan’ and how much I don’t get her.  There has been little to nothing in the clue department about why she does anything she does.  Or who she’s talking to constantly.  I need more foreshadowing.  Not really obvious foreshadowing, but something.  Toss me a bone here, guys.

All in all, not a bad episode.  I feel like we’re getting a better grasp on the natures of the characters, which I like.  There’s still so many questions left unanswered.  Why is Siobhan in hiding?  Why is she trying to kill Bridget?  What will Gemma do with this brand new information?  Where is Malcolm Ward?  Why does Detective Machado where so much eye liner?  Seriously, he looks like Adam Lambert…

Hopefully, the answers will soon be in our grasp.  For now, I’ll throw up 3.5/5 Grizzly-type bears for this week’s episode.

5 thoughts on “Review: ‘Ringer’ Episode 4 – “It’s Gonna Kill Me, But I’ll Do It””

  1. Great review

    Siobhan, alias Cora Farrell, is trying to steal information from Tyler Barrett, an employee of the French subsidiary of her husband’s hedge fund (Marten/Charles). He apparently spends his time ferrying large sums of money between France and Middle Eastern investors. I suspect she is working a swindling scam of some sort with the person on the phone.


      1. I think Siobhan expected Bridget to replace her. She left Bridget her wedding ring and a convenient diary to help Bridget fit into her life. We may learn later that the twins have a history of swapping each others identities. Maybe Siobhan thought someone was trying to kill her and she expected Bridget to get hit instead of her. I no longer think that Siobhan was responsible for sending the hitman after Bridget. The fellow that was stalking Bridget had more than a few chances at trying to kill her. He seems to want the phone in order to hide evidence or in order to look for the person who ordered the hit. I don’t think Siobhan planned for Bridget to stay in her life indefinitely.


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