The Griz Bin – Emma Frost’s Boobs, Superhero Weaknesses, and Awesome Cosplay

Welcome to The Griz Bin, a weekly look at the wide world of comic related nonsense that we all know and love.

Batman Loves You: Which means all is right with the world – [Movie Club]

16 Year Old George R. R. Martin’s Letter To Marvel: The Game of Thrones scribe tells them what’s really hood – [thedailywhat]

20 Downsides To Being A Superhero’s Parent: A series of images showcasing the horrors… and the hilarity – [Cracked]

The New Fantastic Four: Art by rawlsy. How awesome would this team have been in the long run? Civil War? No problem. Secret Invasion? Get outta here. Fear Itself? Fear NOTHING! – [GeekTyrant]

Stylish X-Men Design’s: David Tran re-imagines some iconic X-heroes, and making them cooler than they’ve ever been – [ComicsAlliance]

The Most Ridiculous Covers of Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane: We have clearly come a long way in comic storytelling. – [GammaSquad]

The 7 Most Hilariously Mismatched Superhero Battles: Great, another list that features Dazzler. Everything in the world > Dazzler – [Cracked]

Top Ten Most Ridiculous Moments In Comic Movie History: And with a huge amount of ridiculous movie moments to choose from, I think they put together a pretty good list – [LaserCola]

Emma Frost’s Biggest Liability – Boobs: Liability means strength, right? Sorry, I’m distracted – [GammaSquad]

The 6 Most Ridiculous Superhero Weaknesses: You know it’s bad when Power Girl can be beaten by any natural unprocessed elements. That’s almost everything. Way to be a superhero. – [Cracked]

Possibly The Best Cosplay Ever: The coolest Venom and one of the best Cosplay’s ever… well, if you don’t count the guy in the story below – [GeekTyrant]

Anthony Le’s New(er) War Machine Armor: This guy spends his FREE TIME making kick ass armor that actually works. Unless you want to fight supervillains, then your probably hooped – [thedailywhat]

Batman vs. Predator: Art by Mike Mignola. Yea, THE Mike Mignola. I want this hanging above my 60’s style waterbed so I wake up to it every morning – [GeekTyrant]

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