#13 – Countdown to Halloween: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY

In 2007, Paranormal Activity released in theaters. I saw this movie in the theater, and I loved it instantly. The realism of the movie was what attracted me. I love shows like “Ghost Hunters”. I have always believed in the Paranormal, and I get sucked into anything that revolves around the supernatural.

Paranormal Activity is about a young couple, Katie and Micah, who just got their first house. One of the things I love about this movie is that it all looks like home movies. Katie has been seeing/hearing/feeling a presence in the house. She has been haunted her whole life since she was a little girl, and believes that this presence followed them into her new house in California. Micah sets up several mics/cameras to attempt to capture this paranormal activity.

When Katie has a psychic come into her home to evaluate her situation, she is told that she is being haunted by a demon. This demon is evil, which Micah finds difficult to believe or accept… until there is proof.

At first, the activity was minimal. She heard pots and pans fall from the kitchen in the middle of the night, she heard whispers, and the cameras capture the doors moving/slamming. After a while, the cameras catch much more haunting footage. Katie begins sleep walking. She stood for hours on end at the edge of the bed staring at Micah, which was caught on tape. She remembered none of this. She also went into the backyard and woke up there. Also, Micah sets up traps for the demon. For example, he puts powder down in the halls and finds footprints leading to the attic, where Katie finds a photo of herself as a child.

The activity begins hurting them physically after a while. Katie gets dragged off of the bed and pulled out of the room. She is controlled by this demon. She kills Micah, and just sits rocking in a chair near Micah’s body. The police enter the home, where they find Micah’s body. Not only does the door quickly slam on them, but after gunshots are fired, Katie is not in the house. “Katie’s whereabouts remain unknown.” (In an alternate ending, Katie slits her throat)

This movie is, for several reasons, one of my favorites for this time of the year. There are a lot of moments where you have to wait patiently for something to happen, and these moments can be boring. However, the thrill of every little noise possibly being something terrifying is something I love.I jumped every twelve seconds. I was scared every time I noticed that it began to get dark outside in the movie, because I knew they had to go to sleep soon, and scary things would happen. Also, the most terrifying part for me was that I kept thinking that this could happen to me. There are dozens of people who like these movies and don’t believe in the supernatural. I think that believing in these types of things makes movies like this much scarier.

Overall, I would give Paranormal Activity a 4/5.

The concept was brilliant, but I did think that the second movie was better. The second movie of the Paranormal Activity series released last year in October. It revolves around Kristi (Katie’s sister). The third movie will release October 21 at midnight. Trust that I will be there with bells on.

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