Dexter: Season 6, Episode 9 – “Get Gellar”

RECAP AND REACTION: As we know from episode 8, Dexter finds Travis and helps him escape from Gellar’s chains. Dexter takes Travis to a motel and goes back to the police department to investigate.

When Deb is in her therapy session, she opens up more about Dexter. Also, about all of the insanely bad things that have happened to her in her life. The therapist suggests that they see each other more than once a week… understood.

Quinn… scumbag… lost his gun and his phone in a romp with a stripper.Oh no… not a stripper… a waffle house waitress. An old one. Oh gosh, some karma for Quinn is delicious. When Quinn for some reason thinks that he has the right to tell off Batista, they get into a fist-fight. This part could have been very entertaining. It was not. Someone’s gun could have gone off, someone could have gotten thrown in front of a car… yet nothing interesting happened and the fight was broken up by a passer-by.

Part of the reason Dexter is helping Travis and including him in his plan to get Gellar on his killing table is because he wants to give Travis the second chance that he, himself never got. Although I think that is very sweet, why does Dex suddenly have a soul? Why does he care what happens to Travis? WHY is Dexter so damn friendly this season? I miss the cold-blooded loner. Gellar somehow evaded Dexter and Travis and kidnapped his next victim, Casey. Casey is an atheist professor whom Gellar loathes.

He is found dead the next day by the Miami PD drained of his blood and his stomach cavity scooped out. While inspecting Casey’s body, bowls of blood are poured onto everyone. Travis wakes up in his motel room shortly after, and finds Casey’s hand in his sink, and a message in blood on the wall: “Bring the false prophet to the church”.

Highlight of this episode: In the elevator, Deb tells LaGuerta that she is going to re-open the call girl’s potential homicide case whether she likes it or not. Seeing Deb basically tell Maria to eat shit was exhilarating. My god, I hate LaGuerta. After this, Maria gets into a car with Matthews, who she knows was apparently there with the call girl when she died. He tried to do CPR, and there was nothing he could do but leave. This petty shady drama in no way compares to past scandals within the Miami PD. I am bored, friends.

Louis and Jamie head back to his place where “the magic happens”. Pan out: LOUIS HAS THE ICE TRUCK KILLER PROSTHETIC! Does Rudy have a half-brother we don’t know about? What the hell is going on?

Dexter sends Travis in to see Professor Gellar. When Gellar tells Travis that God truly loves him, and that God will give him another chance, Travis goes to him. Side-note: Dexter keeps saying that he wants to be a better father to Harrison. WHY is no one mentioning the other two children were half-his. Also, Dexter is no longer stealthy. Remember when Dexter used to be a ninja? Well, he’s not anymore. He likes to run around in plain sight.

Here is the crazy twist: GELLAR HAS BEEN DEAD THE WHOLE TIME! First of all: Hats off to Dr. Kronner for somehow KNOWING THIS MONTHS AGO! Kudos! Secondly: THIS is the twist that I have been waiting for. I knew that Colin Hanks couldn’t be the innocent bystander. I knew that he had to be the evil creep who killed his own sister and went all Carrie on the Miami PD. And lastly: Ha-ha Dexter for having faith in humanity! Do you see what you get? Now go get Travis, you vengeful creature!

Overall, “Get Gellar” was about a 3.5/5. The entire episode bored me up until the ending. In fact, it would be a 2.5/5 if it weren’t for the last 15 seconds. I needed that twist to keep going. Being a Dexter fan has been rough.

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