The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 7 – “Pretty Much Dead Already”

RECAP AND REACTION: I still feel terrible for Rick. Even in the opening scene he looks somber and morose. I want to give him a hug and tell him everything is going to be okay. The first line in the episode: Glenn tells everyone that the barn is full of walkers. This obviously begins a fight. Shane says that the walkers need to be taken care of or they need to leave the land and head out. Sophia is still out there, dead or alive, and Carol and Daryl say that they cannot leave yet. Rick wants to wait to talk to Hershel because they are guests in his home and they cannot just kill his “sick” loved ones.

Rick goes to talk to Hershel and explains to him that the way they see walkers differs. Rick explains that the way the world is out there is not how Hershel saw it on TV when things first happened. He also tells Hershel that Lori is pregnant. Rick says that either they survive at the farm or they die out with the walkers.

Rick tells Shane that he talked to Hershel and that they are still negotiating. This is the first time that I have ever felt bad for Shane. Rick tells Shane that Lori is pregnant and Shane congratulates him. It is obvious that Shane is broken up by it. He doesn’t know that Rick knows about him and Lori. He clearly has questions.

Maggie pleads the group’s case when she overhears the conversation between Hershel and Rick. She told him that he has changed, and that he taught her differently. This conversation is interrupted and Hershel goes to get Rick for help. Two of the walkers who he knew got stuck in a local marsh. Hershel tells Rick that if his people are going to stay, he needs to treat the walkers like human beings.

Shane goes to Lori to talk to her about her pregnancy. He tells Lori that he knows the baby is his (MAURY!) and she tells him that even if it is his, it will never really be his. Shane storms off and comes across Carl. Carl tells Shane that they should stay until they find Sophia, and makes it clear that he is not leaving. It is adorable! Shane agrees and says that if they stay he must help out with chores and whatnot.

Shane then goes looking for Dale. Dale explains that even if he doesn’t have what it takes to survive in this world with the walkers, at least he will know that it didn’t make him a terrible person.

I think that it is very sweet of Daryl to keep looking for Sophia. Carol obviously needs his help and support. He is one of the only people in their group with the sole mission of finding her daughter.

When Shane sees Rick and Hershel coming back to the barn with walkers in traps instead of dead, he flips out! He shows Hershel exactly why these things are not human anymore by shooting at what would be vital organs and seeing them continue to attempt to attack him.

He then opens the barn and Shane and the rest of the group shoot the walkers.

Then… out walks Sophia… as a walker. She is snarling and walking towards the group. Rick steps up and shoots her in the head. Shit was intense!

As usual, this episode left me wanting… nay… needing more! I am very glad that they put an end to the whole Sophia situation, because that was getting very old, very fast. This episode was absolutely impressive. The only thing that could have made it better is Hershel shooting Shane when he went ape-shit on the walkers. The way Shane demonstrated how the walkers weren’t humans anymore was the best thing I have ever seen on this show. Yes, I hate Shane. He was right, though. Also, Sophia being in the barn was a very emotional way to end the episode.

Although there is no more Walking Dead until February, I feel at peace after episode 7. “Nebraska” (also the name of a Dexter episode this season) will air on February 12th.

Obviously, I give this episode a 5/5. Can you blame me?

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