GOdzark’s first annual MMA awards!

As the year 2011 comes to a close, fight fans can’t help but be pleased with everything that took place over the last 12 months. We saw the rise of many new MMA stars such as Jon Jones, and Junior Dos Santos, and saw incredible upsets like JDS knocking out Cain Valasquez in the first minute of their highly anticipated title bout. While reflecting on this year in mixed martial arts, I felt that it was necessary to hand out some awards, to some very deserving individuals. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to GOdzark’s 2011 MMA award show…..

The first award that will be handed out tonight is the (drum roll please).

“WTF” – Comeback Win of the Year

And the winner is……Cheick Kongo knocking out Pat Barry

Ok so let’s face it, on any Pay-Per- View card, Cheick Kongo vs. Pat Barry is easily going to be the guilt free piss break fight of the night. This is a fight that featured two fighters who are more than likely never going to even fight in a number one contender bout ever again. However, it was free and I had nothing else going on that night so I figured what the Hell?

I sat down to watch this fight and within the first 15 seconds of the promo remembered why I hate Pat Barry so much. He is that cocky, arrogant, loud mouth who was never good enough to back up anything that he said, so instantly I’m hoping he gets knocked out and knocked out fast. Within the first few minutes of the fight, Pat Barry lands a huge right hand and drops Kongo. As Kongo stumbles over his feet barely conscious, Barry lands another shot that drops Kongo, and this time it looks like for good. But wait, Kongo half asleep, fights to his feet, and two quick shots later, Knocks Pat Barry the F out.


Congratulations Kongo on winning what will undoubtedly and sadly be the biggest win for the rest of your career, and congrats Pat Barry on not getting fired for being 6-4 against lackluster opponents in your MMA career.

The second award of the night is the…

 “Don’t Ever Wear That Again” award.

And the winner is……Dennis Hallman!!  I refuse to believe that I even need to give further explanation as to why I gave this award to him.

The third award of the night, and a more serious one is the:

“Fighter of the Year”

And the winner is, Jon “Bones” Jones!!!

So I couldn’t even make a joke about this award, Jon Jones absolutely dominated the light heavyweight division this year.

From beating Ryan Bader early this year, to destroying Mauricio Rua for the title a few weeks later, then successfully defending his title against Rampage Jackson and Lyoto Machida, Jones had a Hell of a year.

Jones has proven this year that he is the real deal, and arguably one of the top three pound for pound fighters in the world.

From the best of the year, to the worst of  the year, the next presentation is for the…

“Wow this year has sucked” award.

And the winner is Fedor Emelianenko!!!

Two years ago, if you asked ten MMA fans who the best heavyweight fighter in the world was, you would probably receive the same answer from eight of them –  Fedor Emelianenko.

This response would have been for very good reason, two years ago Fedor held the impressive record of 31-1.

Many predicted would never be beaten again in his career.

However, after losing his second and third consecutive fight this year, and having a face like this…

Fedor’s year truly sucked!

The next award of the night is the…

“Fight of the year” 

And the winner is…… Mauricio Rua vs. Dan Henderson!!!

In my nearly ten years of being a big time MMA fan, I’d venture to say I’ve seen somewhere around 500 fights, but never before have I seen a fight this good. Dan Henderson came into this fight, straight off of a knockout win over the once thought unbeatable Fedor Emelianenko. Mauricio Rua came in straight off a dominating TKO over Forest Griffin. In five rounds of constant momentum shifts, and close stoppages, Hendo came out as the winner in what would come to be known as arguably the best fight in UFC history.

The next award we are going to give tonight is the…

“Holy cow, that is one broken arm” award!

The winner is…..Antonio Nogueira, for his broken arm at UFC 140!!!

After claiming that he would either, break Frank Mir’s arm or put him to sleep, at UFC 140, Big Nog’ learned just how much of a female dog Karma can be!

I would like to add as a side note: this was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever watched as an MMA fan!

“Knockout of the Year.”

And the winner is….Anderson Silva knocking out Vitor Belfort!!!

 If you have ever wondered how Anderson Silva’s foot tastes (and who hasn’t), look no further than asking Vitor Belfort who almost had his face kicked off by Anderson earlier this year. The odds of landing a knockout  front kick to the face aren’t very good for most people, but then again most people don’t have sensei Segal on their side teaching them how to do it!

Our second to last award for the night is, “the most over hyped fight of the year” award.
And the winner is……Cain Valasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos!!!

 So I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that surprisingly JDS vs. Valasquez was probably not the best fight to start to UFC on Fox deal with. After the fight had been built up for months, and promo after promo had hyped this fight up, it took Dos Santos all of about 1:04 to knock out Valasquez and take the title from him.

Cain Valasquez, you can go ahead and stay on stage because you sir, get the last award of the night as well. So ladies and gentlemen, with that being said I want you all to give it up for Cain Valasquez for being the recipient of our last award of the evening; it’s the

“Worst game plan coming into a fight,” award!

Cain Valasquez easily gets this award for his brilliant game plan of trying to stand and strike with Junior Dos Santos who is undeniably one of the best strikers in the division. Not only is he one of the best strikers in the division, but the guy has low stamina and can’t wrestle. Valasquez on the other hand, was a successful college wrestler at Arizona State, and has possibly the best cardio in the UFC. So why didn’t we see Cain Valasquez take one- dimensional Dos Santos to the mat within the first 10 seconds??? Nobody knows. All we do know is that the award for dumbest game plan  absolutely goes to you my Mexican friend!

And that concludes the first annual GOdzark’s MMA awards!!

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