Woody Harrelson Stars in Real-Life Cop Drama: ‘Rampart’

Rampart is a movie about a real-life police scandal in 1999 in inner-city Los Angeles. Woody Harrelson plays Dave Brown, a member of the rampart division of the Los Angeles Police Department. The drama with Brown began to become public when he was caught on tape severely beating a citizen who had hit him with his car. The video hit the news, and the scandal began. Brown was also accused of many other controversies including murder. The movie also deals with Brown’s home life. He has two ex-wives, who are sisters. He has one child by each of them.

Director Oren Moverman and Harrelson went to the rampart department of the LAPD to shadow them. The two went on ride-alongs and got an inside look of the area that was being policed during the scandal, as well as the tension within the department.

Rampart will release in theaters tomorrow, although it is not being released locally, so I cannot see it yet.

Check out the trailer:

2 thoughts on “Woody Harrelson Stars in Real-Life Cop Drama: ‘Rampart’”

  1. Fun Fact, Shawn Ryan’s show “The Shield” was originally going to be called “Rampart” in reference to the controversial Precinct. The city of Los Angeles intervened and instead “The Shield” takes place in the fictional Farmington precinct.

    Anyways this movie looks awesome, I just hope it doesn’t have some Hippie ass don’t trust the police message. Far too often people make a pariah out of law enforcement on account of one or two bad apples, misunderstanding of procedure and the occasional honest mistake. Regardless, this movie has my money.


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