The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 9 – “Triggerfinger”

This episode began right where episode 8 left off. Rick, Glenn and Hershel are in the abandoned saloon. The three of them are waiting by the door to the bar because the friends of the men that Rick shot are looking for them. Rick yells to the men that their friends drew on them and they begin shooting into the bar…

Lori flipped her car into a ditch last episode, and is still there. A walker tries getting through the glass and as glass scrapes his skin off of his face, she grabs a sharp object from her car and stabs him in the eye. As she exits her crumpled up vehicle, she forgets that zombies are sneaky and doesn’t check her surroundings. Another walker attempts to attack her, and she hits him in the head with a rim. Fantastic.

As the rest of the group sits down to dinner, Shane realizes that it has been a long time since anyone has seen Lori. Shane takes the car and heads out to find her. He finds her walking down the road and tells her that Rick and the boys are already back and safe. She trusts him… because he has never lied to her before, right?

As the boys try to get to the car from the bar, the dead men’s friends are shooting at them. Hershel shoots one of their friends, and the rest of the guys decide to get out of there. One of the group jumps off of the roof and (surprise!) hurts himself. His leg was pierced all of the way through by the top of a gate. Rick and Hershel attempt to cut his leg off while Glenn watches out, but the place is crawling with walkers, so Rick rips his leg off of the gate and they head out. [It was AWESOME.]

F*ck! My Leg!

When Lori gets back to the farm, Carl overhears that she is pregnant. This leads to a discussion between Lori and Shane. She brings up Otis. Shane, without explaining what did happen, says that whatever happened with Otis was because he loves her. He also explains that he knows what he and Lori had while Rick was thought to be dead in the beginning, was real. The little family that he, Lori and Carl had which was based solely on lies, was real.

Rick, Hershel and Glenn make it back to the farm and they have Randall, the man who now has a mangled leg. Also, remember Beth? Yeah, neither did I. Apparently, she is still in shock.

Lori and Rick are getting cleaned up in the tent. Lori brings up the fact that Shane will not listen to her about anything. Shane thinks that Lori’s baby his and not Rick’s. Shane also thinks that Lori belongs with him. Rick explains that he killed two living men because of Lori and his family. Lori explained that Rick killed the living to protect his own. She then explains that Shane thinks she is his… and thinks the baby is his.

I absolutely loved this episode! Not only was it riveting and action-packed, but it was dramatic. I was interested the entire time. The situation with Shane was intense.

I would give this episode a 4.5/5. The only thing I could do without is the ridiculous Beth thing. No one cares about Beth. Other than that, this was a great example of why I fell in love with The Walking Dead.

The preview for the next episode made me wish I didn’t have to wait another whole week.

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