‘Dark Shadows’ Trailer Arrives!

The new trailer for Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows has finally arrived online. Starring Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins, a vampire who wakes up in a world that’s not his own to find a family he doesn’t understand. I think I’ll let the official synopsis explain the rest:

In the year 1752, Joshua and Naomi Collins, with young son Barnabas, set sail from Liverpool, England to start a new life in America. But even an ocean was not enough to escape the mysterious curse that has plagued their family. Two decades pass and Barnabas (Johnny Depp) has the world at his feet—or at least the town of Collinsport, Maine. The master of Collinwood Manor, Barnabas is rich, powerful and an inveterate playboy…until he makes the grave mistake of breaking the heart of Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green). A witch, in every sense of the word, Angelique dooms him to a fate worse than death: turning him into a vampire, and then burying him alive.

“Tsk tsk…”

Two centuries later, Barnabas is inadvertently freed from his tomb and emerges into the very changed world of 1972. He returns to Collinwood Manor to find that his once-grand estate has fallen into ruin. The dysfunctional remnants of the Collins family have fared little better, each harboring their own dark secrets. Matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (Michelle Pfeiffer) has called upon live-in psychiatrist, Dr. Julia Hoffman (Helena Bonham Carter), to help with her family troubles.

Also residing in the manor is Elizabeth’s ne’er-do-well brother, Roger Collins, (Jonny Lee Miller); her rebellious teenage daughter Carolyn Stoddard (Chloe Moretz); and Roger’s precocious 10-year-old son, David Collins (Gulliver McGrath). The mystery extends beyond the family, to caretaker Willie Loomis, played by Jackie Earle Haley, and David’s new nanny, Victoria Winters, played by Bella Heathcote.

Sounds kind of interesting, but what is Dark Shadows really? If you were alive in the 60’s you may remember it as the first and pretty much only Gothic soap opera of it’s kind. A rich story that featured ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and a quirky eccentric family, the original Dark Shadows TV series has quite the cult following. This is interesting considering the character of Barnabas wasn’t even added to the show until a year in.

Another interesting fact about the show was that the actors played multiple characters as needed, and despite only being on the air for 5 years, produced over 1200 episodes. This was the highest Sci-Fi/Fantasy English produced episode count until Passions, even beating out Star Trek or Doctor Who. It was also known for its huge collection of characters as well as use of parallel times and flashbacks, which was unheard of for its time. A revival was attempted of the series in 1991 but failed after one season.

This all adds up to one hell of a cult classic with some devoted fans, but how is it represented in Burton’s film? Let’s check out the trailer:

Very interesting. I will be watching just to see more of the lovely Eva Green as the Witch, but with a star studded cast like this one there should be something for everyone. The film also stars Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Lee Miller, Chloe Moretz, Jackie Earle Haley, Gulliver McGrath, and Bella Heathcote.

Is it wrong that this turned me on?

What do you think of the latest Burton/Depp vehicle? Excited? Don’t care? let us know in the comments section below!

3 thoughts on “‘Dark Shadows’ Trailer Arrives!”

  1. There’s Johnny Depp in it – Eva Green pretty much pales into insignificance. It does all look great though.


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