Resident Evil 6 Trailer, Now with Earlier Release Date?

Resident Evil has been around forever, I still remember the awkward controls and being freaked out by a dog crashing though the window in the first one on the Playstation (as well as the horrible, HORRIBLE acting in the cutscene sequences)

And while most of the spin-offs have crashed and burned (with the exception of the underrated Code: Veronica), the series manages to keep staying relevant despite almost having as many sequels as a Madden or Final Fantasy game. So with the big movie coming out (ugh, another article, another day…) in September, Capcom has moved up the release date of the game with the announcement of this new trailer so now the big day is October 2nd, 2012. It will be for the Xbox 360 and PS3 but NOT the Wii U – which is disappointing but not unexpected. But you want me to stop talking and show you the video, so here it is:

Soooo yeah. Thoughts, comments? I dug RE4 with the change in gameplay mechanics, and the co-op in RE5. I would have liked a few game play shots, but otherwise, the story will look good bringing back Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy with a few new people like Wesker’s son, taking us to new places like China as well. So we shall see. Capcom better make up for the debacle that was Operation Raccoon City. From the look of things, they will.

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