LOOPER Trailer: Time Travel & Self Loathing

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing a young Bruce Willis. Wouldn’t have called that one, but if it works, maybe that’s the way they should’ve gone for John McClane Jr

The movie has already been compared to 12 Monkeys, which, if an apt comparison, basically means it will hurt your head. But in the end, 12 Monkeys was excellent. Looper tells the story of hitman living in the past cleaning up problems the mob sends him by means time travel. That is until they send back an older version of him to be killed. Trippy.

This is something special, it’s called an ‘original idea’ and they assembled quite the cast. Aside from JGL and Willis, they’ve also got the beautiful and ultra talented Emily Blunt, who will no doubt end up the focus of desire for out ill-fated hero. Also seen in the trailer is veteran actor and Michigan Native Jeff Daniels, who has worked with Levitt before in the movie The Lookout. Looper will also feature one of my favorite actors over the last few years – Garret Dillahunt, who I first remember from his role on Deadwood, went on to appear in The 4400, Damages, and Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. He was also in films like No Country for Old Men, Winter’s Bone, and The Road, and he is now the scene stealing star of Fox’s Raising Hope.

Jeff Daniels, Emily Blunt, Garrett Dillahunt

In addition, Piper Perabo (Covert Affairs) and Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine) and Tracie Thoms (Death Proof) round out what appears to be a a very balanced cast.

So anyhow, let’s get to the trailer already right?

I’m in. That looks awesome, and while I’m not ready to throw out there the Blade Runner and 12 Monkeys comparisons I’ve heard from others, I will say I want to see it.  The aforementioned cast is stellar, the trailer looks really interesting, and I have a weakness for all things time travel and/or Bruce Willis. We’ll keep you posted on future developments.

2 thoughts on “LOOPER Trailer: Time Travel & Self Loathing”

  1. I think its noteworthy that writer/director of this flick, Rian Johnson, also wrote and directed Brick, starring Levitt which was a brilliant film noir piece.

    He then went on to write and direct Brothers Bloom starring Adrienne Brody, our newest Hulk, Mark Ruffalo, and the beautiful/brilliant Rachel Weisz. Another fantastic film.

    Adding those films under his belt to this stellar cast, I was sold when I saw this title pop on Johnson’s IMDB


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