New Red-Band Trailer for “The Dictator”

Sacha Baron Cohen is the mastermind behind “Da Ali G Show”, Da Ali G Movie, Borat, and Bruno. In his first post-“Ali G” character outing, as well as his first non-documentary style film, Sacha Baron Cohen has brought us The Dictator, AKA Borat if he was more powerful. The first few previews were funny but not hilarious. This new red band trailer is a little bit funnier than the original theatrical preview, but not by much, and I wonder if this will be Baron Cohen’s first out and out flop.

Granted, the film’s fantastic supporting players will probably elevate it just a little bit, but I wonder if this is just same ol’ Sacha rather than a wholly original and brand new character for audiences to enjoy. Personally, I’m pumped up for Cohen’s portrayal of the late, great Freddie Mercury. The England-born actor seems to be born for the role, even resembling Mercury in more ways than one. But until then, we have The Dictator, a film that, while it looks funny, may not be as hilarious as we would have wanted.

Check out the new red-band trailer right here:

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