AMC’s The Killing: Episode 207 – “Keylela” (Something Finally Happened!)

So, after the first season finale most of the good will and momentum built earlier on was lost. People were pissed about the case not being wrapped up yet and wanted to know who the killer was. Just didn’t want to know bad enough to keep watching. When season 2 premiered it did so to much lower numbers than the previous season and it was clear that even the people still watching were less invested. Now I was one of the people who didn’t hate the finale last year, but even I found myself not caring anymore. So when season 2 started popping up on my DVR, it was the show that I had to “get around to watching”. It airs the same night as Mad Men and Game of Thrones, so it’s running uphill already. Season 2 to this point has been all about…well, not much. Mitch ran out and is working through some stuff with a runaway she can pretend is Rosie. And as it turns out Stan isn’t Rosies’ real dad, and Sterling Cooper’s Duck Phillips is Linden’s boss now.  Mostly though, its business as usual. Oh, and Richmond is paralyzed. Anyhow, I just watched Sunday’s episode and after 6 weeks of not really caring about the show anymore, something has finally happened…

Linden and Holder were investigating the Casino and the evil Indians told them to leave. They first found Linden in the woods outside and basically told her “We don’t get a buffalo f*** that you’re a cop. If we find you here again we’ll f*** up are dumb white ass.”  Well Linden heeds the warning, but being a goddamn space cadet, she fails to let Holder know what’s going on. Despite the fact that he is inside the Casino. Alone. So anyhow Holder is trying to get into this secret “Under construction” floor of the hotel and hires a gigolo to get him in there, but passes on the Man on Man action. He instead unwittingly gets some info from a maid and then the Hotel cops find him.

While this is happening Richmond’s staff tries to convince Stan Larson to speak out on Darren’s behalf, to which he promptly tells them to piss off. Eventually though Darren goes to see Stan himself, and something obviously resonated with Stan because that night he shows up at the Press Conference. Stan agrees to read a per-prepared statement which includes him almost immediately attacking the media for not caring about Rosie and being opportunistic vultures. Then, in a move I could not approve of more, he pulls a total ‘Mel Gibson – Ransom move, and offers up $12,000 for any info on Rosie’s killer. Whom he will then surely then kill. It was pretty solid. Brent Sexton was awesome in that scene, and overall is just a really underrated actor.

So Sarah and Jack are on the run from CPS because, well you know, she is a really good Mom and all. And just when it seems things can’t get much worse for Detective Linden, she gets a phone call from Holder. Or at least from Holder’s phone. It’s a courtesy call from the evil Indians. They want to make sure Linden can hear Holder being beaten down in the woods. It was awesome. Real renegade stuff. The Killing was in some serious need of something like this. I’m actually excited for the next episode now…

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