Femme Fatales S2: Sneak Preview & Interviews

A couple weeks ago we showed you 2 trailers for the impending second season of Femme Fatales, which premieres tonight on Cinemax. So to get everyone ready, we’ve got some more stuff now. This includes a sneak peak and several interviews with some of the people involved, including such beauties as Nikki Griffin and Madison Dylan. Check it out, and then watch the show tonight. Also, a lot of people who have HBO may also have Cinemax and not even know about it, so double check.

Videos below…

From Latino Review, at Wonder-Con, Steve Kriozere (Whom we’ve talked to before) talks about some of the upcoming Season 2 Guest Stars…

The next video, looking much sexier than Steve, Madison Dylan and Nikki Griffin talk about their characters, and what drew them to the show. (Latino Review again)

Here is another one with Nikki Griffin talking to Star Watch Media (several more interviews available at the link) at the Season 2 Cast/Crew premiere. She proves how cool she is when asked about her favorite movie, and answers with Shaun of the Dead.

Looks pretty awesome.

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