Game Of Thrones MMO Announced!

So the big thing in PC Gaming, and probably gaming as a whole right now, is MMO’s. You know the kind, World Of Warcraft, The Old Republic, or if you go back in time, Everquest. Being a man who has never been much into PC gaming, or the concept of continually paying for a game to keep playing it, I’ve never latched onto MMO’s or any game similar to them. For me there’s never been a game that’s grabbed my interest, although The Old Republic sure gave it a run for it’s money. In my case though, my wallet trumps all, because Money Over Everything. I do have one particular weakness though, and that is anything Game Of Thrones related. With GoT’s popularity right now, they’ve of course announced an MMORPG to go along with it.

Game developer Bigpoint announced today the “Game of Thrones” massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) titled “Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms.” MMORPGs are the type of online game that include the likes “World of Warcraft,” and it looks like “GoT” is joining the fray. [Yidio]

Details about the game itself are scarce, but it’s setting is post-book 1, with the throne itself up for grabs. It’s fairly likely this is more based upon the Song Of Ice And Fire Novels, rather than the Game of Thrones HBO series, since there’s not as many licensing issues there. To that end, if I ever did pick up this game, I’d hope the voice acting is good, the world accurate to the detailed descriptions given in the books, and the concepts of intrigue, honor, and moral ambiguity upheld. I’d hate to see GoT turned into a mindless hack & slash MMO, with people grinding for gold dragons endlessly.  One thing the game does have going right, is making the game Free-To-Play, which is a trend that’s been very popular lately. The only downside to this is that nearly everything cool in the game will then cost actual cash, as the game’s cost is subsidized through micro-payments.

Want that cool Direwolf for a companion? $10! Want that shiny Valyrian Steel sword? $15. I’m probably  entirely wrong about the actual prices for items themselves, and they may be far cheaper, but the reality is that people WILL buy them, and use them. I have friends who play League Of Legends, another very popular Free-To-Play game, who have spent more on it than even the most expensive collectors limited special edition games they’ve purchased in the past. But of course, people like me who love A Song Of Ice And Fire, and Game of Thrones, who are already accustomed to the MMO world, will probably be champing at the bit to try this game out.  While in the past the initial purchase/subscription price combo of MMO’s like Star Wars: The Old Republic was enough to keep me away, the tantalizing prospect of Free-To-Play lingers over my head for Game Of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms. Chances are, when it’s released, I’ll be playing it, “just to try it”.

Wish me and my wallet luck. It’s a dangerous rabbit hole.

Screens from the Official Website.

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